Having a very normal morning on this very normal day.

@Moon#13214 he looks like just another pathetic small time sadist whose in-laws paid the downpayment on his dumb house in the suburbs

this is my personal favorite local roaster


important news bulletin from the AP: https://twitter.com/ap_oddities/status/1346866889058885638?s=21

I‘m “taking a week off” after a super stressful couple months and I sure have not figured out how to relax! I almost feel like I should just go back to work! But today I’ve made myself a pile of ps1 games that I bought and never tried and am going through them… Which is kind of fun, anyway.

We got a real heck of a country over here eh


@marlfuchs2#13215 i’m a french press and boiled water kinda guy.


@Kez#13210 Lately I have been having drip in the mornings,

Note that on this totally normal day, we have some pretty calm discourse about multiple ways to brew coffee.

  • - I don't care for aeropresses because they are so fiddley.
  • - I don't care for espreso because I like to have more hot volume to sip on over a longer period of time. And cafe americano is just diluted espresso!
  • I used to be a big fan of French Press coffee because of how quickly I can make a pot for me and my spouse or any guests (back when we you know, had guests). I converted to pour-over a while back and like it more. Did some A/B testing last week while on vacation. Here's my bullet points:

  • - Pour-over takes a bit more time. You need to “wash” the filter paper with hot water, otherwise your coffee will taste like paper. Just get the whole thing wet with the water from the kettle and let it drain into your coffee cup. Smell the water and confirm it kinda smells like glue. Now pitch the water. Done.
  • - You need to keep the water in your filter at the right level. You can't just fill it up like you do a French Press carafe. Again, it takes more time.
  • - The filter paper absorbs and filters out some of the oils in the coffee. This changes the taste. Whether it is an improvement is up to personal preference.
  • - You can compost the filter paper and grounds!
  • After this A/B testing, I found that I enjoyed the taste of the paper-filtered coffee more.

    And on today's normal day, I handled the stress by stress-drinking a Vanilla Coke Zero this afternoon.

    @espercontrol#13219 I was planning a hiking trip pre-covid which could have involved renting a llama, but was advised that they are not “beginner pack animals” and told to go with a donkey instead

    The thing that sucks is that this still hurts so much and is almost giving me panic attacks. Our institutions are just performative trash run by monsters but I hate hate hate seeing these racist freaks assert themselves, while being actively helped by the cops, on anything.

    For coffee my partner got me pour over stuff earlier this year and it has been wonderful. I love smelling the freshly ground beans and the coffee tastes great. I'm not at the point of like weighing amounts and stuff yet but I like just making something simple. Fav roaster right now is [Highwire](https://www.highwirecoffee.com/). Have liked nearly everything from there but specifically recommend the Conscientious Objector and Bauhaus. Also I know some people here are also in Oakland, they have like 3 different brick and mortar stores in the area, highly recommend checking one out.

    yes it's the thought of what these fuckin roaches would do to a vulnerable person that makes this difficult to take rather than just the “violation of congressional norms”

    Well we ran the cleaning cycle on our drip machine for the first time ever last night after a few days of having issues with the thing. Worked like a charm this morning. Probably need to do that more often! I've thought about upping my coffee game, but have just never gotten around to it.

    Turns out some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses. At least Georgia seems to have worked out.

    im also having a very normal one, haven't read the internet all day, just finished my “Pushover in Chief – Why Trump Will Go Quietly” essay for The Atlantic. now to log on and check the news

    honestly it's such fuckin horseshit, the wisconsin governor had the national guard mobilized in advance of the jacob blake verdict, but today trump psychos were allowed to storm the capitol building. it's absolutely an insurrection if the historical definition of that term is applied. i was at a playground at the time it was going down and some dipshits paraded by with trump-pence signs, obviously made at a kinkos, blasting their car horns. pathetic

    re: coffee, we switched to a machine for a while because it's soooo nice to program it and have it ready first thing in the morning, but now we're back to pourover. it's just so much better

    @bone#13231 We have a cheapo espresso maker from cuisinart that actually does a pretty good job, but it needs to have vinegar run through it ALL the time or it loses pressure.

    @tapevulture#13232 Yeah I loved having a drip machine with a timer. It reminds of being a teenager when I first started drinking coffee. My Dad would always use one of those and it would be set for like 5:30. I think thats how I fell into the habit of absolutely needing to have coffee the second I get out of bed. When I started drinking it, there was always just a big pot ready to go that I could pour from without even wondering what it was like to make coffee.

    Thats why Aeropress is my most frequently used method, you can crack out a cup in like 2 minutes flat.

    I had a terrible day today, our Keurig coffee maker decided to have an early retirement this morning.

    Then I discovered that we're down to just three bags of Yorkshire.

    The absolute state of things in this household is shocking to all who witnessed it.

    @bodydouble#13235 This feels like the most thoroughly UK post I've ever seen on this here forum, and I love it. Thank you for brightening this c O m P l E t E l Y n O r M a L day.

    I have to say this turned into a pretty sophisticated way for us to all vent what we are all feeling while mostly discussing coffee.

    With apologies to all the Europeans who don't need anything else to worry about!

    @whatsarobot#13236 All the blame/credit is laid at my wife‘s feet! She’s Scottish, I'm American.

    I was walking back from the grocery store when I heard there was a large MAGA March/protest at the beach.

    switched from coffee to gunpowder green tea, it's a much smoother experience and done wonders for my mood. I switched back in October and have had coffee only once since then, and it hurt me?

    there is a dozen people “protesting” at the Hunting Beach pier tonight for god knows what reasons, and apparently the police have cordoned them off. “Dancing plague”. National media is not reporting what is going on at statehouses and elsewhere around the country right now.

    I own a keurig. Its fine. I dont actually drink coffee that often, but when I do I prefer kona coffee, because of a psychological connection due to a trip to hawaii a long time ago.

    I have a hard time not finding some of the events today hilarious, because I am 0% surprised by them. They've been broadcasting this date for weeks, I'm surprised it wasn't worse.

    @treefroggy#13243 love gunpowder green tea. more of a tea guy than a coffee guy, but ive been lazy about that lately

    I spent yesterday dealing with a family emergency, and by the time I got home I had no interest in looking at the news, the TV or the internet.

    Woke up an hour ago and had a peek at the news.


    I will be having two cups of coffee.

    seems like yall are in great need of some foreign intervention amiright? seems like you live in scarcity, diesease and fear. for the sake of protecting your human rights, maybe another world power should establish a strong military presence accross the country, and use targeted drone strikes to eliminate the threats to democracy in your great nation, as well as removing your weapons of mass destruction. you know, for freedom.

    edit: sorry, incendiary joke (tho not as much as the USA)

    It‘s predictable but I can’t find it hilarious - the duplicity and the two faced approach to these riots vs peaceful blm protests makes it impossible to find amusing for me - I know what you mean! But it's just too terrible to actually be funny.