Having a very normal morning on this very normal day.

Yup, have the window open and am listening to the rain and drinking some coffee. Mhmm, very very peaceful. Not a thing to worry about… how is your very normal day going? Find any very normal activities to soothe your mind?

I enjoyed today with my girlfriend and I grinded her some coffee for her. Just the act of grinding coffee and using a French Press calms my mind like when I was younger and enjoyed driving through the road and chilling, although I can enjoy also the act of asking for a cup of coffee and seeing how others make it, too. I think in a sense manual or mechanical activities works, too, like for example ordering or discarding papers and old documents.

will be interesting to see with what (if any) gusto the feds go after right wing extremists after today. I mean, I don’t know if there are going to be any longer-term consequences beyond congresspersons getting scared for a few hours. Seems useful for the republicans to marginalize the trump crowd and diminish it as much as possible. Don’t know if/how they can incorporate the trump psychos into the party after something like this. I wonder if it will dawn on the dems and their corpo patrons that concern-expression is no longer sufficient to material conditions (never has been of course)

I‘ve been really enjoying pourovers lately. I usually always use an aeropress, but I ran out of the little filters a week ago and haven’t bought new ones. With the aeropress you don't really get to appreciate the aroma like you do with pourovers. It has been very pleasant.

Yes, having something to keep your hands busy is very calming and satisfying. I've got some dishes to do later that I'm half looking forward to doing, lmfao.

having a hard time understanding (not really) why the cops didn’t just treat the maga crowd like they do the average public school teacher or seiu member they usually encounter at protests

@Jtwo#13191 my bialetti routine has gotten a little boring lately - how long does it take you to do a pour over? Any gear you’d recommend?

@Syzygy#13192 can you check on ilhan omar just make sure she’s doing ok thanks

@yeso#13193 Ah I don‘t have anything fancy, just a plastic V60 thingy. I do have a long, narrow spouted electric kettle that is ideal for slowly pouring water on it, which is what I think is most important. Don’t flood it, just saturate the grinds and then let it slowly drizzle out of the kettle a little faster than it travels through the filter.

I too am having a hard time (not really) understanding many things.

@Jtwo#13191 Pourover seems interesting. I tried several times at the coffee shop where I usually buy coffee and I enjoyed the feel and the aroma of the coffee, but having a French Press covers me up in case I get into V60 (it was a present for my birthday) and I precisely run out of filters.

Regarding the cops, I think we already know the answer. The question that worries me though is how much this will escalate.

Yeah, I really enjoy the french press. Sometimes we bring ours out to the beach with a little camp stove and make fresh coffee. I always take a splash of milk in my coffee. I enjoy it black, but I much prefer a little bit of milk.

how much practice does it take to get pour over-competent? I’m pressed for time in the am and don’t want to scrap coffee due to half-asleep incompetence.

And re the cops, strange that they weren’t using some of those advanced peacekeeping techniques we saw during the BLM protests (eg waiting until a 105 lb woman has her back turned before shoving her into the curb)

I feel like its totally brainless. Nearly impossible to screw up. Just grind it a little chunkier than you would for a bialetti, etc.

Probably the simplest method to make coffee imo.

lol then I’ll be stress testing how unfuckupable pourovers are in the near future

You don't even have to measure it because you can just put the appropriate amount of water in. I like to use a big mug and make like 16oz at a time.

never judge a book by its cover but that guy looks like a real asshole

I love making coffee. Lately I have been having drip in the mornings, but I always grind from fresh beans. Technique wise pourover is not that difficult. Mostly it's just a case of not agitating the grounds too much. As with most brew methods, the key to pourovers is in the grind! I would say it is less forgiving of grind than a French press or aeropress, so you need a decent burr grinder as a baseline for good pourover.

Yes a burr grinder and filtered water will get you 80% of the way there regardless of your technique.

thanks yes I’m burr equipped so good to go in that regard


I think his smile is pure and beautiful

I started a document a few days ago called “exit plan” where I collated a bunch of information about different contries immigration processes for work visas, as well as whatever game companies work are located in those countries. Turns out, a bunch in the EU have little packets that list the statistics of their game studios, their revenues, and more info. Sweden‘s is pretty extensive, breaking down how they’ve been having a growing proportion of women in the industry year over year. Germany has less, but they have a “job seeker visa” where you can stay in Germany while looking for work. I'd probably need to speak it pretty fluently though.

coffee wise, I was gifted some very nice coffee beans from a SF based roaster by my sister, the last of which I had today. i'm a french press and boiled water kinda guy.