In The Last of Us Part II, it is revealed that Joel‘s full name is Joel Miller. This is also the name of the little boy in UHF who gets to drink from the firehose on Stanley Spadowski’s Clubhouse. I believe they are the same person and this childhood experience scarred him and shaped him into the man he would eventually become.


What are your headcanons

First thing that came to my mind:


Not much of a deep canon, but I started three different Monster Hunter: World characters across the PS4, Xbox One, and PC named Leona, Leonora, and Leora, respectively. I like to imagine that they are three very supportive sisters who each came to face the challenges of the New World separately.

My favorite head cannon

Every Soulsborne character I’ve ever played is named Janet. I imagine it’s always the same Janet, and she’s just having a real tough go.

my head canons are often totally contrary to the canon accepted by fans. I think it’s important to make your own decisions!

  • - Waluigi does not exist in Wario canon. At all. He is just a meme for Zoomers who don’t remember princess shokora or captain syrup. They didn’t even include him in wario ware. The creator of wario probably doesn’t care for waluigi either! It was mine & my GF's safe word during sex because she new it would snap me out of any situation. I hate waluigi
  • - king's field, souls, bloodborne are all linked
  • - the "official" Zelda timeline is wrong
  • - the Final Fantasy series is connected, mostly on the same planet, with geographical elements shifting due to crystal energy.
  • - final fantasy VII's map is an upside down version of Final Fantasy IV's map, in the future.
  • There's a type of imagination from before the internet that has been lost. People discard their own theories just because online factmakers have things set in stone for games that had blurry continuity to being with!

    @CidNight#20242 Lol, yeah, of the aforementioned sisters poor Leona has persevered through Bloodborne, Dark Souls I-III, Mass Effect 1-3, and Fallout 3/NV/4 to name a few of her pre-monster-hunting escapades

    I‘ve been meaning to post this here!

    I noticed that the northern continent & crater of FFVII lines up with the “northern” peninsula combined with the impact crater island of FFIV. Many of the features are indentical! Looking around the two maps, with a Fantasy woo woo understanding of plate techtonics, you can see that FFIV is the Pangaea of FFVII’s world, with the three peninsulas splitting into separate continents.

    It also made sense that in the FF7 Remake, they fashioned the ancients to look quite similar in clothing style to the characters in FFIV DS. The geographic features line up so nicely I think that it was intended from the start! Both games also share themes of space travel, and both were ambitious titles, first in a set of three released for their respective consoles. Both pushed the genre and series forward by a significant margin, to say the least.

    The head canon that popped to mind is kinda dumb, but I used to name some of my characters Bryant Gumbel. Like to think he did a lot of hero work after he retired from news casting.

    Oh and here's another head cannon. Never played it, but the cover always stuck with me.



    I played it. I thought it was pretty good.