Here we are again: the thread where we discuss the games we are playing in 2024

Here we are again! It‘s time to let the old thread rest and move to a new one, hopefully I’ve managed to make the title even longer.

In a community were games are the spotlight it's nice to have a place where we can share and talk about what we are playing at any given time, be it old games or new ones. So if you just started something and feel like talking a about it without committing to a full thread, this is the place!

I'm just on the last leg of the original **Parasite Eve**, and while [I'm not vibing with it as much as I thought I would](, I still find it a cool game to be spending the last couple of hours of the year. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it before my friends come to pick me up to celebrate

because, same as last year, it's also my birthday! So feel free to wish me a happy one. And of course, happy new year to everyone!

@“JoJoestar”#p146456 Well a very happy birthday to you! Hope it's a great day and you enjoy PE as much as you can.

Go have fun, enjoy that and the new year and be happy in the knowledge the thread name is two characters longer than last years!

@“JoJoestar”#p146456 happy birthday! still playing katamari, though i think i might play one of the ff pixel remasters in the new year cuz i heard the music is good

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@“Tom of the Fog”#p146459 I know because… I checked :point_right::point_left:


I even left some margin to make next years exactly 80 lol

And also likewise on the good wishes, happy new year!

sorry I thought this would be more interesting after the teaser shot of the ball but it isn't oops

@“JoJoestar”#p146465 Likewise :wink:

I copied the space as well!

And thank you, here's to 2024!

Happy leap year!

I started Starfield. I‘m character level 14 and just bought my dream home outright. I’m having dueling perspectives on it. On the one hand, the part of me that has loved Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, and Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4 is more than satisfied. Exploration, looting, basically running around with a knife while going down the science perk tree: very nice.

On the other hand, I compare a few individual elements and think of where games did a better job with that slice of gameplay:

  • - Anything starship flight: Elite Dangerous, Evochron series
  • - Navigating a cave or a potentially dangerous planet/space: Lethal Company
  • - Scanning planets: Mass Effect, Star Control 2
  • It's not even that these elements are bad in Starfield or that Starfield should follow their example. To use Lethal Company as an example since I'm also playing it now, the comparison is pretty superficial: in both games the characters wear a spacesuit, land on a planet, and go into a space to find what they can while dealing with monsters. Otherwise, Lethal Company is far more about multiplayer play and horror, it scratches a different itch, but it scratches that itch very well.

    Maybe I'll read a book this year.

    I started Ghostwire: Tokyo pretty recently.

    Pretty cool!

    Just found out there were multiple skill trees because I'm dumb.

    Once again playing/reading Atri: My Dear Moments.
    Since I got a steam deck I think it's much more likely I'll actually finish this.
    Visual novels on handhelds just make more sense to me.
    I recommend both Atri and a steam deck.

    2024 is the year I go knee deep into Yakuza. My intention is to play the whole main series this year, then optionally the PSP Kurohyō spin-offs, Judgement games and the Kiwami remakes.

    I've finished Yakuza 0 a couple of years ago so now I'm currently playing through Yakuza (2005). Ideally I would have liked to play it on my modded PS2, but the room my giant CRT is in is currently under renovation, so PCSX2 will have to suffice. I never knew how much I wanted to see Kamurocho in 6th gen graphics on weird resident evil-like still shots, its beautiful.

    Here's a twofer - a 2024 game AND a Happy New Year message.


    I'll be back for Valentine's Day!

    Just brought in the new year by rolling credits on 999!

    I found this game so utterly repulsive when I first played it back in June that I put it down after only three hours. The juvenile attempts at humor, the way characters regurgitate Wikipedia articles unprovoked, the _incessant_ hints during its childproof escape room sequences---three hours were all I could take. To squash any doubt I made the right choice, I read a summary of the ending. ("Well that's stupid," I said.) Case closed.

    Six months later, against my better, prior judgment, and having mostly forgotten the details of the ending, I decided to give it another go. And I really thought I liked it, seeing as I finished it, but now, three hours removed, I cannot for the life of me pay it a sincere complement. One of the first lines I wrote in this draft was "It feels like it was written by a gifted eight-year-old." So I guess I kinda hated it after all lol

    @“Adria”#p146536 I sipped on those PSP ones last year. Good stuff.

    @MoH I‘m a few battles into ch. 4 in you-know-what, and I’m a little offended at how much the game has very suddenly vomited a whole bunch of the story on me and also opened up structurally (three(?) sidequests available at once). What was it holding back on all that for?? Did it think I would be bored by this embarrassment of riches? (two of the sidequests are too hard, at any rate)

    At a number of points earlier in the game the main story battles felt pretty perfunctory, like I don't know who this is or why I'm doing battle with them. Is that purposefully or accidentally insightful for a war game?

    @“JoJoestar”#p146456 happy b-day! crazy that it fell on the same day two years in a row…

    I finished Sumire (2021) this morning, my first cleared game of the year. Another homerun @Funbil rec. The game is a pretty and dark, melancholy but not humourless walking sim about a girl grieving several things at once and takes place over the course of a day with the titular protag escorting a magical flower around her town as they carpe the diem. Sumi sets herself such tasks as opening up to her despondent mother and absent father, confronting an erstwhile best friend as well as her crush while she still can. We as Sumi and the flower are granted a glimpse into the baggage the game‘s cast of characters carry too. Everyone’s making the most of a broken situation. The driver behind the day's events is a dream Sumi is woken from of her grandmother trying to tell her something important. Could the flower help Sumi find out what it was?? Good game and up my alley. Loved the art direction and the music was nice.

    It felt even better that I was able to run it through Steam on my Macbook Air!

    — Monti Velez of Uppercut

    (My 2016 12" MacBook frequently throttled from running the game.)

    Length: 3.5 hours. On sale for: 1.40 CAD on Steam.

    @“captain”#p146546 hearing you say you made it to chapter 4 in tactics ogre gives me the same feeling of seeing people out jogging at 6am while I’m still getting the coffee ready