Hey I'm Streamin' Here! NOW!

So I was messing around on twitch a little last night and thought, “Gee, I wish someone else was here…” which got me thinking, maybe some of the IC folks would be interested in letting each other know if we're going live?

For any of us that don't have a big (or almost completely non-existent) social media presence, I thought that the forum might be a good place to post if we're looking to hang out and play some games, rather than propose a "Streaming Now" profile status feature to the site, or relegate it to a Discord or other site/app.

This is not intended as a spot to just post your link and hope people will follow, but a place to make an announcement that you're on right now and looking to chill.

_(if this is against some rule or a general bad idea then the mods can obliterate this thread)_

I don’t stream for people other than close friends normally but I’d be happy to stick something on here if I’m trying something new or odd that I’ve come across.

Insert credit raid pog champ

Feel physically ill typing that

This sounds cool!! I‘ll be sure to post next time we’re on and maybe we'll have 2 or even 3 people watching!

This is actually something I've been thinking about semi-casually, especially in the COVID environment we all found ourselves in. It seems like there is very little space in between “Million subscriber streamer” and “nobody watches this person” streamer. I thought it would be a fun thing to stream some games to some friends but all the platforms are built on the assumption we want to be public stars. I want to be semi-private so I could say, “Hey Insert Credit folks and friends - go watch this stream” without it being advertised and getting swatted or doxxed.

What are the suggested platforms for this application? I'm assuming Twitch is just the right choice? YouTube? Is there a smaller streaming service that I don't know about? Edit - a buddy just observed that you can stream via Discord which is something I haven't tried.

I'd play like, _Einhander_, or _Densha de Go_ on stream.

@“antillese”#p35846 I may be misunderstanding it‘s intended use, but I feel like discord is a great platform for semi-private streaming options. Granted that would require a public server for IC folks or something, but I think from my limited use, that’s what a lot of people use Discord for…I‘m an elder millennial, someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

@“fetus8”#p35847 mid tier millennial and most of my ffxiv buddies tend to use discord in that way for sure. There was a poll on the patreon about a discord though no? Not sure how that turned out

@“antillese”#p35846 @“fetus8”#p35847

I‘d say the point is an easy click-to-join option to let public people watch if they’re currently on the forum without the need to login to anything or follow anyone. Just a “hey I‘m streaming - let’s hang out” announcement spot for anyone on the IC forums

@“Auberji”#p35850 Yea there was! I def haven't heard anything about results from that.

@“copySave”#p35851 I think engineering a technical solution is nice but ultimately is just as acceptable as using a forum post for the same thing. After all, we don't need to be doing self promotion. Just some chat.

Sometimes people play me to read stuff, but I'm payin the big bucks to read Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! on stream today. Make a game freeware for 4 years? No thanks, bro. Make it $15 on the Switch? I'm in.


@“kory”#525 @“rejj”#455 @“tapevulture”#292 @“JoJoestar”#251 (& anyone else I missed), thanks so much for hanging during the Doki Doki read. It makes good sense that people who are clearly fans of good-assed video game discourse would elevate the discourse in such a way. Suffice to say, I thoroughly enjoyed hosting that little coffee talk/table read, & am still thinking about how exceptionally well-written that game is. I absolutely cannot wait to see what's left in there.

@“tokucowboy”#p36112 Hey thank you for the entertainment. I intended to jump on just to say hi and ended up getting hooked, so good job as a streamer! I'll try to catch the next stream to see how do you like the complete experience with the game.

OK, I am nervously setting up a Discord for streaming. Feel free to join it and help make it a calm streaming place.


I’m going to play Einhänder for a few minutes to test it out.

Edit: very short stream. The hand-me-down PC I’ve got can’t compress video and keep 60 FPS in PS1 emulation.

Second Edit: my primary PC with a discrete video card can.

Yo - I‘ll be messing around with games on MiSTer until about 9:15 US-EDT if anyone’s interested:


Going to be checking out some Kazuya (and other new stuff) in Smash Bros.

See twitch link above to join in!

I spent some time getting twitch turned on via the PlayStation and played some ranked Strive. I thought I had a perfect in here, but I can’t find The time stamp. Some pretty good matches. Also me trying to figure out the timing on the dust combo. I have not figured that out yet.


I haven't been forum-ing much due to a busy streak, but I do have a chunk of the afternoon to finally get back to that Doki Doki ride we took – here we go (content warning: things might get triggery & will get spoilery)


@“tokucowboy”#p36932 just catching up on the VOD now.

here's a brief clip that kinda hits harder when You Know

(I'd mark as spoiler just to be ultra careful, but for some reason this embed does not respect the `||` spoiler tags in the forum and just busts out of the redacting block so I gave up trying)

Ha, nice – I think my limited viewership & the general vagueness help protect us from spoilers, too. (also no more living room twitchin' for this guy, that audio is oof on a second listen)

I'm cleaning some games and listening to city pop if anyone wants to come hang out! https://www.twitch.tv/funbil