I‘ve clocked in nearly 60 hours into Capcom’s newest entry in the Monster Hunter franchise- Monster Hunter Rise. It's made me a bigger fan of the series as a whole and I wanted to put into words what this game means to me. I present to you the following:


@Privately_Attack#28005 just wanna say this is some damn good writing about about video games; great stuff

chiming in as well to say I enjoyed this review quite a bit!

Great review! Agree with all of your points here, especially re: the visuals. Coming from playing World on PC, I was pretty skeptical at first, though after putting a few dozen hours into Rise I don't consciously notice the visual downgrade at all any more. This is, of course, at least partly due to just becoming accustomed to it, but the design aesthetic, smooth experience, and some amazingly expressive monster animations really transcend analytical technical details. World was a pretty high bar for me, but I think the music, palamutes, wirebug-based techniques and locomotion, and that gosh darn adorable bunny dango song just might give Rise the edge!

I'm curious to hear any updates on your experience here or over in [the MH Rise thread](https://forums.insertcredit.com/d/675-the-monster-hunter-rise-thread)!

Thanks everyone for the kind words! While you're here check out my other works too if you want. My Dragon Quest and Resident Evil retrospectives are my personal favorites.

This is what I like to see, this is what I come to IC for!

Your MH history is adjacent to mine. The only MH game I ever committed to was MH Freedom, played in high school, during lunch, with the PSP homies.

MH World got my attention somewhat, but I‘m just not into the grind. Ironic, since I enjoy grinding in old school RPGs.

I probably still won’t be playing this game.

But I enjoyed your review!