Holiday gift suggestions?

Boo and/or hiss for bringing this up. Turkey day is nearly over and the big tree is already lit in my town. The parades end with Santa heralding the season. It's inevitable. The sleigh is nigh. Capitalism.

Buying holiday gifts can be stressful for me since I often procrastinate. I have like 10 people of varying tastes and interests to consider. Any ideas of well-made things that would make cool gifts? No restrictions.

Basically, this is a thread to share cool stuff you might buy for someone else.

@“kingnothing”#p141754 tell us about these people! What might be good for some may not be good for others.

First I would recommend a [#drink-check]( I think most people would appreciate like a premium-feeling mug or Yeti type tumbler. If someone is a real coffee head, they might appreciate a bean sampler where there's some kind of story behind the beans. Or an aeropress if they like the process of making coffee. If they're a wine drinker, I'd recommend a decanter, it's a little luxury most people wouldn't get for themselves and turns a $10 bottle of wine into a $25 dollar bottle of wine. If they're a seltzer water drinker, don't buy a soda stream since that specifically is produced by Israeli settlers in the West Bank, but you can get other brands of similar water carbonators. But with all this stuff, if someone is a minimalist or wouldn't appreciate gizmos and gadgets then it might not be a good gift.

A good fallback is something perishable or unique from your home city, particularly if they live far away. I think it's better to give a gift that has some kind of story behind it rather than just something mass produced. Even if the story was just "I wandered into this shop and thought of you"

Or if they're a gamer, give them a copy of Dragon Quest XI: S Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition

@“Tradegood”#p141755 I mostly wanted a chance to share interesting things people are coming across while holiday shopping over the next few weeks. Doesn't have to be for my people.

Great suggestions though, I've had past success with a simple Stanley tumbler or the like. I had a Dean's Beans coffee subscription for six months and grew tired of going to the mail room but still I enjoyed it enough to consider gifting a few months to someone. I feel like gifts that encourage people to experiment with food or drink are good bets, it's close to gifting an experience.

@“Tradegood”#p141755 Incredibly good suggestions but I would counter by saying that if they are a gamer, they should already own at least one copy of Dragon Quest XI: S Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition, no?

@“whatsarobot”#p141757 hmm good point, though they can have a second one to play in 2D while they go through the other in 3D! It's the game that keeps on giving this holiday season.

Hard agree on things that let people experiment with food. My sister‘s other half is getting a mixed pack of artisanal hot sauces for Christmas this year but anything like local cheeses, fancy tea and coffee, preserves - all that’s good stuff.

Framed photos of pets is always a good idea too. By which I mean, getting a photo that you've taken of a friend's pet when you're hanging out with them rather than a professional shoot, and putting it in an inexpensive frame is good too. I've given a few people candid photos that I've taken of them on a walk with their dogs and it's gone down well.

There's also Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition too!

A friend of mine mentioned during an outing to a grocery store that she meant to get ahold of a reusable grocery bag to keep in her pack, so I got her a really compact one she can attach to a fob or keychain or anything else!

The holidays are done, but I‘ve found a nice shower cap I thought I’d share—for the Bloodborne fan in your life.


No one who carries it delivers to my area or will ship for a stomachable amount.