Hot VGM Radio

I just found an incredible youtube channel called Ether Music Club that posts incredible songs from obscure (or often shovelware) games.

Posting this cause it's superb and also because it's timely

This channel made me remember[ GST Channel ]( frank recommended in an episode a long time ago.

With this in mind and not knowing where to post about Ether Music Club let's use this thread to share compilations or curators or djs, etc of video game music

Also obligatory[ Dedeco ]( @fugazi57

@“穴”#p127344 I can recommend Rainwave which is just all over the place on the game music they play. They take requests, play remixes and chiptune covers and have some original stuff to. Great to discover new music at random!

I recently found this account, which features mixes of PC game music with looping animations and longplays of games relevant to each mix.

[The Channel](


@“穴”#p127344 I feel like I have a suggestion for this thread, but I can't quite think of it right now. Regardless I just wanted to say: This channel rocks, thanks for posting it

Xerf does a lot of jazz fusion and city pop compilations. They did this VGM one complete with vintage Japanese game commercials.

The site has been around since forever ago, I use to listen to it in college. It‘s still there! It’s still awesome! If you like old FM tunes from old Japanese PCs and Arcades, then this is your one stop shop.
More FM music from old Japanese computers. These are great!

Eric's Favorites! channel has an extremely nice playlist arrangement for all kinds of moods. Highly recommended and branches off into several other channels which specialize in other VGM with more fun playlists to dig through. Highly recommend looking at the playlist tab. There are some things in the sound flavors that are not VGM but generally fall in the same genre the playlist is built for. Great time.
A personal favorite playlist in the selection is the Funky Future one:

That lead me to Alpha's channel, which is also filled with a lot of good VGM

Eric's Favorites and Alpha are also heavy with VN music, which usually have pretty banger soundtracks.

I'm always mentioning dedeco, who just put out a very nice PS2 drum n bass mix:

(I now see that @ana also mentioned them but just to be safe)

The Duality of Man

video game music i do not want playing while i have sex

video game music i do want playing while i have sex



> More FM music from old Japanese computers. These are great!

These are hot to death. Also I love the care that went into the set dressing. It's so cool.

Some more channels


@“穴”#p127344 Posting this cause it’s superb and also because it’s timely

ha, this mia hamm one is one more song that gets heavy inspiration from inner city's "good life"


i’ve got a few, but as i’m on my phone right now and so don’t want to have to do a lot of googling, i’ll just share 8beats:

they’re pretty neat!

KVGM The Last Wave is a video game music radio podcast, and also they keep a stream of smooth video game jams running:

The radio show may not be to everybody's taste, but the songs are good.


ok, here‘s a pile of channels i’ve subscribed to for vgm (that haven't already been mentioned):

dream console (also has a radio show)

fiddler fove


st. rizla

mb. (has also made some good mixes)

ryland kurshenoff (has a good series of jungle mixes)


surrealistbgm (lots of visual novel songs)

supradarky (usually not that obscure, but still good!)


melos han-tani (part of analgesic productions!)



soundshock (oscilloscope recordings)


Would love to see more real hardware direct capture stuff like this

@“hellomrkearns”#p128046 this whole playlist will be right your alley

it was a series of livestreams that the creator of the 240p test suit used to make. I don't particularly like most of the content he makes but stuff like this is really good.

@“穴”#p128052 yes! I was looking for these!

more hardware goodness

This channel is fantastic. 24/7 VGM radio