"How's my bread?" and other misheard fighting game moves

@“◉◉maru”#p124083 is it berserker barrage that you're reading that way?

@“◉◉maru”#p124083 I always hear credit card!

@“exodus”#p124091Let’s go, Bob. bub.” Wolverine’s battle intro. For the longest time, we just assumed there was an important Bob we had missed in Wolverine’s lore.

I think by the time I heard it myself I had taken enough Japanese classes to have a better idea of what it was actually supposed to be, but dang it's hard not to giggle at Geese talking about shining his head with butts

“I'll stain my house… with your butt!” (good excuse to post good ol' Goose Howard)

“Oof ooie” - E. Honda

Terry Bogard in Smash Ultimate sounds to me like he says “grab a coke!” And “go away!” And Ken in Smash says “can't stop pooping!” when he's doing his spinning kick thing

@“◉◉maru”#p124101 ahhhh I get it now

Ray from Fighters History….BAKED POTATO! https://images.igdb.com/igdb/image/upload/t_1080p/scdsno.jpg

The early Street Fighter 2 releases the audio compression washes out the ‘d’ sound in hadouken, and it sounds, for the life of me, like Ryu and Ken are saying “hawuuken”. And also “Sure you can!”

Anyone else seen Zack Morris cosplay as Ryu and do pretty good impressions of the SFII Ryu voice

A brazillian classic: