"How's my bread?" and other misheard fighting game moves

I would love you to regale me with all the various fighting game special moves and utterances you have misheard or misinterpreted.

My favorite is Galford's Plasma Blade move from Samurai Shodown, which I cannot hear as anything but "How's my bread?"

The Mortal Kombat “WHOOPSIE”

I think we could have a whole thread to talk about how people misheard Ryu‘s hadōken in Street Fighter II! I worked with a person once who swore it was ’gadooka'.

A friend of mine and I used to joke that Cyclops's gene splice sounded like 'jesus christ'. I still think it sounds a little like that! But I think it was mostly just playing on arcade cabinets with shitty or busted speakers.

Not quite a fighting game but my family and I used to think that Axel shouted “Grab the power!” when he did his Grand Upper move, and we interpreted Blaze as saying “It's your daughter!”

@“Kez”#p123877 came to post axel's “GRAND THEFT PAW” but yours was better

@“IrishNinja”#p123880 Is this a version of GTA where the protagonist is an old grampa character?

@“Jaffe”#p123872 I feel like Raiden's flying across the screen move inspires all sorts of hilarious reproductions, but none of the transliteratable as words.

Oh, then there‘s Mai Shiranui’s “Me bouncy!” which is very true.

Atap-tap douket!

@“marurun”#p123888 I unfortunately caught that one when I was a kid which is very embarrassing now.

I had never thought of what folks in Japan would think Raiden was saying before I saw this


@“exodus”#p123895 “Hanjibababana~” is usually what I end up with.

Ryu says “Well Fought!” when you beat him in SF6, but it sounds like “WELL FUUUCCCK!!!”

I actually have no idea what Lily says when she stocks a wind stock in SF6, but it sounds like "Windjammers" to me.

"Raisin Taco" instead of Rising Tackle.

It isn't a mishearing (I think) but the way that Guile says Sonic Boom as "Soni-KABOOM" in CVS2 makes me very happy


@“KingTubb”#p123903 the way that Guile says Sonic Boom

I forget which game it’s in, but there’s a great voice sample where Guile sounds like he’s from Baltimore and I love it (something like ‘_sawnic BEWWWM_’)

@“IrishNinja”#p123880 Come to think of it, I tend to think he's saying “Rest a paw!”

Psy cucaracha

Et foot ken foot ken

“sharp snake”

-Heinlein from Mark of the Wolves

@“mindleftbody”#p123927 None of them dull snakes, eh?


“Ice Cream! Take a good look at that!”

> “Pissed O - Pissed O - Pissed Off!”

>“Coming inside!”

> -Mizuguchi from Fighters History

Can only think of Terry's Burn Knuckle as “BARNACLE!!”

Who the fuck is Bob?

Me and my friends for nearly two decades.


Also: [why does Gambit keep throwing away his _Credit Card_?](https://youtu.be/vpKUB_LbNcU?t=50s)