HUGE cache of internal Sega memos from 1996 has just been dumped online.



interesting and insightful 272 page pdf file found here:

page 73


page 87


page 163

page 206

page 243

page 245

page 254
emails about Baud rates and X-band

I've just randomly scrolled through the first thirty pages and already stumbled on fascinating stuff. This rules.

[“HUGE cache of internal Sega memos from 1996 have just been dumped online.”,“HUGE cache of internal Sega memos from 1996 has just been dumped online.”]


hell yeah dude.
its a treasure trove of cool stuff and really gives some perspective into Sega's thinking at the time.

Love this storyboard of a Saturn ad. Also the memo right before it where Tom Kalinske takes issue with the Hare Krishnas.

Do these, in short, confirm beyond all doubt what it is they did that Nintendidn’t?

On Page 198 you can see Sega shifting to focus on polygonal games for the Saturn. Which I just think is kinda neat.

@“Mnemogenic”#p122790 They never really figured out how to do that third to last point beyond panzer dragoon and 2D titles. Whoops!

I had the Netlink and it was AWESOME, when it worked…

Because of the tech you had to call someone you knew who also had a Saturn and a Netlink. But if had been able to do lobbies... Not saying game changer, but it would be the thing other systems could not do

Love to know the source of these, wouldn't surprise me if it was from Kalinske himself lols


page 30


so good. i missed this.