I guess it's my responsibility to make a coffee thread

I‘ll be honest I’m not really into coffee and can't have caffeine for medical reasons, but a thread was called for. I enjoy a cup of Cafix from time to time.

@“antillese”#p139663 You got it buddy

I'm very curious to know what beans people use for their coffee more than the method. I have been using Illy coffee for years and while very happy with it, always like to get recommendations for new ones.

And I almost always drink espresso because why else!

Semi-formal Moderation statement: The Having a Normal Day thread was originally a way to talk around politics by talking about coffee, but the community wants to be able to talk about coffee so I'm splitting out the latest coffee chat into here!

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Pfwew. Every time I do split/merge threads I feel like I'm going to break the forum…

Coffee chat: I'm out of any kind of good coffee. I am drinking Costco "San Fransisco Roast" because that's what is available. It's too dark for pour-over (but that is what I am drinking), but during the summer, it's great for making cold brew!

Here is a photo of my new Endeavour mug that I got at the gift shop after spending an hour in the hanger with the Endeavour last weekend. Note it is fall in Oregon.


@“antillese”#p139671 I didn't know the thread was originally for coffee. I apologize if I made an unreasonable request, but as long as I had been reading that thread it had been for fairly frank discussions about politics.

@“Mnemogenic”#p139677 Community needs evolve over time. Don‘t apologize. And if it happens so fast, it probably wasn’t too unreasonable!



Pfwew. Every time I do split/merge threads I feel like I’m going to break the forum…


(though personally I'm more a Marvel/[hickman](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illuminati_(comics)#:~:text=ally.%5B30%5D-,Colliding%20universes,-%5Bedit%5D) guy myself)

@“Mnemogenic”#p139677 it was reasonable and needed

I gave up on my espresso machine so I am currently a slave to nestle and my nescafe machine. Would like an actual bean machine some day though. I mostly get my little cups from lidl. Honestly, I am only a snob when it comes to café coffee, at home I just want milk and bean water

what does this even mean


@“TomoftheFog”#p139670 this is my go-to

https://www.anticonquistacafe.com/ (I like the canela/aka light roast a lot @deepspacefine)

don't know if they deliver outside of Chicago. And my next favorite is good old Metropolis


I think they probably do ship outside of Chicago

absolutely wrecked at work.


@“yeso”#p139687 Doesn‘t look like either ship outside the US, but I’ll do some looking around and see if I can find anything.

Thanks for the recommendation. Maybe one day we can do a coffee exchange program!

I tend to go to speciality shops and buy pre-made packages, which is the usual things go around here. I usually buy from between three to four different coffee shops here from Barcelona. I usually go for sweeter profiles for the Moka, while I tend to go to more acidic or better “bodied” flavors when it is a V60 or a French Press. Don‘t have a espresso machine because I basically don’t have space for it.

If I have a very unique brand of coffee (which I tend to buy from time to time) I use a manual grinder that does me the work, but I know I'm pretty much a novice compared to people who know their stuf better. What truly was the shit for me is to buy a good coffee filter for way more money than usual. This is the one I use: https://80plus.es/es/product/cone-fast-specialty-coffee-filter/. I also use a simple coffee kettle (a Hario one, like the manual grinder) and not much else.

a year or so from now I tried to become a Real Ass coffee snob (no offense intended to the coffee snob community) then quickly found out I couldn‘t be arsed to gulp 10 expressos a day with my expensive grinder machine and I’ve since then decided to go back to drip coffee. just a big ass pot to fill my work Zoji thermos or to help me go through the day when at home.

might fuck around and get a Moccamaster though just so I can say my coffee machine looks rad as fuck

Well, we actually do have a coffee thread. Perhaps we oughtta merge?

[ I posted about my Hario Switch](https://forums.insertcredit.com/d/587-any-other-coffee-snobs-in-the-building/21) and I still use it daily. Love it.

As for coffee, I'm pretty much strictly light roast enjoyer for hot brew. I can't taste much difference between roasts above medium dark to be honest. (Coffee confession: I like instant coffee better than dark roast lol. Gimme that cheap instant hit of robusta!)

I used to try different beans from local/fancy roasters but they're just for occasional splurge now as they got really pricey. Few years ago I even got a big bag of green Colombian bean and roast with popcorn airpopper. Pretty good! These days I just get stuff from supermarkets.

My go to is [Target Ethiopian Yirgacheffe](https://www.target.com/p/signature-organic-ethiopian-yirgacheffe-light-roast-whole-bean-coffee-12oz-good-38-gather-8482/-/A-78630653#lnk=sametab). This is the secret best cheap light roast bean I found. Price crept up to $10 for 12oz bag which is still ok but it used to be super cheat when it came out, like $6-7 and under $5 on sale. It tasted better back then also but still not bad for big store coffee. Still, please lemme know any other secret cheap light roasts in stores!

My fancier go to is [Bean Fruit Ethiopian](https://www.target.com/p/bean-fruit-ethiopian-light-roast-whole-bean-coffee-12oz/-/A-83869642#lnk=sametab). The beans they sell on [their own store](https://beanfruit.com/) are fancier and pricier but these ones they sell through Target are cheaper (goes on sale sometimes) and still taste great. These are sold online only and so far, all the beans I got were roasted on the day they shipped. They also sell light roast Colombian on Target but I like this Ethiopian better.

Does anyone have one of those manual coffee grinders? I have one I rarely ever use because it requires a herculean effort to do so.

I've worked at coffee shops a bit and got kind of into it all but my absolute go to is Equal Exchange pre-ground Mind Body and Soul in a 12 cup Mr. Coffee Maker. I often add Califia oat milk.

My bro had a pretty nice espresso maker for 10 years before it busted and they gave it away or something. I dunno. Anyway he put a Mr. Coffee on his counter and he was happy as can be. There's something about pouring a big ol' cup that can be nice.