"I Need to do X before I can do Y"

The worst thing for me lately is I want to play Dragon Quest V but I feel the need to successfully hardpatch it to english. I feel so close, yet so far. I‘ve documented it on the forum already so in this thread I will just state that it has become so detrimental. I should just play DQV. I’m so frustrated.

Drakengard pfp reporting in :saluting_face: (mostly to reiterate what others have already said)

So yeah you absolutely do not have to play _Drakengard_ to play _Nier_. But it is cool and weird! Definitely worth playing on its own merits. Only caviat (hehe) is that fulfilling the requirements for the famous “true” ending might **kill** you. It is an obscene grind. You’re almost certainly better off looking it up after you get Ending D.

and again in general I just have not been backlog busting on snes at all because of my difficulties with the 10 voultar patch kits I purchased.

@“Mnemogenic”#p159904 Drakengard is like Dynasty Warriors but all the enemies are gathered together in groups of five and don't move.

i’m currently in this dilemma with the yakuza/like a dragon series. i want to play them, but i must do them in release order so i’ve been procrastinating on kiwami 2 for what must be years now

I can relate to this dilemma something fierce – I made a similar thread about it last year! And lemme tell ya, I have a solution – a solution that worked for me, at least. The details can be found in that thread, but the long and short of it is that I instated two “rules” for myself:

  1. There is no “right time” – no “right frame of mind”. Just start playing. Whatever experience you have is a representative experience either way, and if worse comes to worse, you can always start again later.
  2. You’re done with a game when you feel like you are. If you have the momentum to go all the way through the credits, go for it! But if you feel you’ve “gotten it” after the first few hours, or you don’t feel like picking it up again, that’s it. You’ve played it, and can move on.

And in addition – I didn’t have to formalize this for myself, since it’s how I’ve always done it, but it might help you:

  1. Backlogs suck. They’re an effective way to turn your hobby into a chore (as @rejj said). Without a backlog, you’re naturally going to start playing whatever you’re interested in and motivated to play in that moment, which’ll give you a far better experience. You’re not going to be able to play all the video games in one natural lifetime anyway, so hey – without a backlog, you will get to the ones that were truly important to you.

Personally I have been dealing with the must do X before Y, by having a different philosophy on what is considered essential.

I decided about a year ago, that nothing is essential unless I’m really, truly interested in it for my own reasons and desires. It has been a revelation for me. I’m no longer doing things in a particular order because it feels or seems essential. I just play/read/watch what I feel like for fun.

I think at one stage in my life the essentials according to others were important to me so that I could build a good baseline of taste and knowledge. I feel I have achieved a baseline, I know what’s good to me, and thus I can simply enjoy it.

I would question yourself, have you found the baseline or even exceeded it by decades? Time to enjoy it.