i think zoop should come back

even though it‘s the butt of some people’s jokes, i think zoop was fun. it‘s a matching color puzzle game where you match colors by copying between stacks arranged to the north, south, east, and west. when i play it, it feels like i’m playing a puzzle game, but also it feels like robotron too. the only thing i‘d fault it for is that it doesn’t control like a twin stick shooter, because it was made at a time before twin sticks were standard. maybe it was a bad design for that reason, but twin sticks are standard now…

I remember it mostly for the ubiquitous box art…it always reminded me of the ZoLO building toys.

I never played the game myself, but I wouldn't argue against a return of this aesthetic! The gameplay concept sounds interesting.

Just “played some zoop” and yeah that‘s a cool idea for a game. Turned my brain inside out for a minute or so. This is my first time hearing about it so I don’t know about these “jokes” people are making. I guess the graphic design feels pretty 90s.

I'm the new generation and I am pledging my support for Zoop.

@Syzygy#17835 Thanks, this web dosbox implementation is pretty rad.

I definitely see how this can be modernized with some twin-stick controls and some more dynamic visuals...bring on Zoop Championship Edition, i say!

we joked about zoop on the last episode! or the one before… maybe multiple episodes. anyway it‘s one of the games I don’t have for the jaguar CD so maybe I should get on it. Also did you know that there are like a LOT of subtly different versions of zoop? why weren‘t they all the same, or at least look the same? It’s a mystery.

oh shit i thought we were talking about Zool which is also on the jaguar!!


@kory#17834 Oh wow yeah I remember that box art too. This is a game I remember seeing at Blockbuster every week but I would never rent it because I was too young to appreciate something like that. I was always just looking for the raddest looking high fantasy art that denoted a JRPG I hadn’t previously discovered.

funny story about that approach being that I once accidentally rented a golf game and hated everything for a full week.

addendum: I’m nearly positive it was this. You can understand my mistake, right?![URL=https://i.imgur.com/8I9A8CX.png][IMG]https://i.imgur.com/8I9A8CX.png[/IMG][/URL]

Zoop is frustrating to me because it seems like the goal of Zoop is to play for a high score

the biggest score is from destroying the largest possible stack of the same color.

so in the beginning of the game at least, the optimal play will revolve around simply not making any connections and waiting for big stacks of a single color. or maybe 'pruning' and trying to set up large stacks of a single color. but like, any other play seems pointless. it's literally a game of waiting around. and there's no button to press to immediately bring new tiles to the playfield.

Zoop makes me think of Klax.

zoop was part of that mid 1990's trend of pleated gap khakis and awful swing-revival music

this was the same time my dad tried to grow a goatee….horrible

@bankbank#17890 that's a good point, you do have to wait for things to setup. would be nice if you could move piecea around without zooping them. or maybe just some tweaking of how they spawn.

@yeso#17953 that was then. now it's </s>a e s t h e t i c<e>.

@CidNight#17887 hoooo they got you good with that one. In fairness to the box though, it does say “true golf” up top.

@exodus#17969 it sure does. I think I may have never even heard of golf at this point in my life though. Maybe I just thought it was some mysterious orcish word? Time crunch was also a serious issue since my mom would give me roughly four minutes to select a game from the entire store. I just saw floating islands with sweet waterfalls and said “yeah that’s for me right there. ”