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Thanks for making this thread! I put an extra rule on myself to come up with a submittable-something for the prompt within two hours. It was rad to not overthink things and to be silly without trying to make it perfect. I like pizza and think it would be goofy if there were trucks that cooked and delivered pizzas. Thanks for spending time looking at my drawing.

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@“穴”#p67954 This is so cool! I love the color palette choices! Also, I am now hungry for ramen.


@“穴”#p67954 Antillese’s long statement

... for what it's worth, I think my IC writing voice is reasonably similar to my in-person voice so I guess you all know that I talk too much in person too.

@"biff_stallion"#p68018 This is very cute. I think that the text adds a ton of flavor* to the piece and makes it have much more personality.

*pun both intended and not intended.

imagining MGS expository cutscene v/o over grainy fmv footage and weapons schematics but it's about the pizza cannon

@“yeso”#p68042 in David Hayter's Snake voice “… pizza cannon?”

I was going to make a joke about zelensky asking nato to supply his forces with the pizza cannon but I decided against it (this post doesn;t count)

@“Syzygy”#p68049 i once threw a pitch into the dirtbag for a lighting round in where the panelists would have had to play the price is right with the cameo prices of various video game related people and David Hayter was in there lol

I get why jaffe didn't use it though, it's not a very good idea and it could have gotten a little weird because it's basically playing a game with people's self worth in american dollars

@“antillese”#p68025 Thank you! I love Geoff Darrow’s work. He always sneaks silly words/puns into his drawings.

@"yeso"#p68042 And you have to order a pizza online, eat it and rate it to defeat the boss!

@"Syzygy"#p68049 That would be hilarious. What would the script be?

Nothing from me this month unfortunately. Got half way through recording what basically amounted to porno music but having covid and missing work for two weeks has put me rather behind.

Who knows, if next month's theme is 'inappropriately erotic' my dream may yet be realised.

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I call this one: Street Food, Metro City, circa 1989


_It's may already and I forgot to start this month's art jam thread_! -

I really liked the results of April's art jam, thanks for participating!
I'll revive this thread to post when I eventually make @"rejj"#455's Goulash! Some of the ingredients are very hard to find in my usual area, but I know where to get them now! So it's just a matter of time. I'm sorry Rejj, I really want to make your goulash recipe!

We didn't have as much participation compared to last's month but I'm still very happy with what was posted.
I equally appreciate everyone that took the time to make something and the people that were here to be supportive!

I really dig the illustrations made by @"DenRaigo"#969 go and @"biff_stallion"#956, it's nice to see newer folks participating in here!

as always you can submit prompts in the form below:

Thanks y'all<3

I'll create this month's art jam thread asap!!!!

["Insert Credit Art Jam 2.0 | April 2022 ",“Insert Credit Art Jam 2.0 | April 2022 | Delicious”]

@“穴”#p68697 If you let me know which ingredients in particular you are finding hard to source, I can try and help work out some viable substitutions. @“whatsarobot”#p65747 mentioned needing to swap a few things, and everything still worked well by the sound (and look!) of it.

@“antillese”#p67750 sorry i have not commented on this yet!! awesome tune again. IIRC last month you mentioned that your background is as a trumpet player…feel like i can hear that coming through in the way your melodies have an improvisational feel. bridge flowed really naturally to me so i think it must have been a case of working on something forever and losing perspective.

also really enjoy the writeups, keep em comin

@“tapevulture”#p68740 Thanks so much! I‘m very glad you are enjoying my write-ups. It’s been a good way to share progress and thoughts beyond just the completed work.

Yes, I played trumpet. I played a ton of music through school and did do jazz bands though I never felt like I got "good" at it. My formal training is primarily classical - my private teachers were symphonic trumpet players and I mostly played in youth symphonies, though I had more fun in pep bands and playing in the school's musicals.

It's fascinating that you hear an improvisational sound in my pieces. I that's absolutely how I tend to compose them, though I wouldn't have described it that way.

I have some opinions about how music is taught to kids that I'm trying to intentionally avoid with my kids. Many years ago, there was this book called "Tiger Mom" that was making the rounds in social media and one thing about it in the discussion was how this person's kids were expected to play music (so they can get into college and move upwards socially), and thus you either played Piano or Violin. Absolutely not guitar.

I remember reading some thoughts about this from a musician and how this was all wrapped up in the cultural baggage of how classical music is "hard" and "non-popular" and thus "culturally valuable". Unlike rock or jazz or rap or reggae or any music that a kid might actually seek out and enjoy.

Now that I'm teaching my kids piano, I'm trying to make sure they get to pick what they play.

I don't listen to classical music as a genre, though I appreciate what I learned from it and do like specific works. I think that our exposure to classical music is mostly through the framework of learning to play it in orchestra, and we learn to play those pieces instead of modern orchestral scores (music and games shoot to the top of my mind) because classical music is out of copyright. So again, it's a stupid rights issue for art instead of a discussion of art on its merits.

@“rejj”#p68707 It‘s mostly the paprikas and the self rising flour, in my local supermarket’s I can only find the smoked paprika. but I have already identified where to get the paprikas, the self rasing flour and the majoram! And I also found out that making my own self-raising flour isn't hard at all.

I made @rejj's goulash a couple weeks ago, but because I sort of messed up the goulash part (my stove sucks) and completely messed up the knödel part I was too embarrassed to post about it. However I must say it was absolutely in the spirit of this thread as it was [size=20] DELICIOUS!!![/size] I made like 5 dinners out of it.

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@antillese I too am loving the music writeups… please keep writing them up!!!