Insert Credit Art Jam 2.0 | September 2022 | LOUD!!!!!


[size=30][color=Mediumpurple]_We are back on time for the first time and this time it's gonna be louder than ever!!!!!!_[/color][/size] -

_**To those new to the concept:**_
A monthly event in where the ever-growing Insert Credit community can come together and create art based on a rotating topic! First created and hosted by @"SuperEffective"#337, now taken over by me. Everyone is welcome to participate and create whatever they consider art. Every possible medium and art discipline is welcomed here. Go wild! Show us your hidden or not so hidden talents!

Here’s the original premise @"SuperEffective"#337 wrote:


This is not necessarily a contest, but more like a weekly monthly art challenge/show-and-tell. The plan is to introduce a new prompt every Sunday the first day of each month to make a piece of art to. To participate, you can simply post anything from a drawing, sculpture, crochet, animation, writing, a sick beat, heck, why not even a cake! You can post whenever you’re finished, and I’m sure none will mind if you’re a bit late as this thread is all in good fun. Heck, if you’re loving the prompt, post more than one! Send any suggestions you think would be fun to do in the next week, if you have any fun ideas!


[size=100][color=Hotpink] _LOUD!!!!!!_[/color][/size]


This prompt lends itself pretty well to people that reguarly submit music here, but i encourage everyone to be [size=30][color=Hotpink] _LOUD!!!!!!_[/color][/size] regardless of the medium of your choice. BAKE A [size=30][color=Hotpink] _LOUD!!!!!!_[/color][/size] CAKE IF YOU FEEL LIKE IT.

As always thanks so much to the people that submitted their amazing work last month and also to those of you who just hang out here and enjoy everyone's art. y'all are so cool<3

You can read a more detailed introduction of the Art Jams 2.0 and see the amazing stuff y’all came up based on the previous prompt on the thread(s) linked below:

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I can't wait to hear what billy does for this

edit: deleted not-entry

I should have known what to expect, but like a fool I clicked play on a Hens Bens track without pre-adjusting my volume and proceeded to jump out of my chair so high I was in danger of escaping orbit.

(loved it)

This is not my submission for this month‘s jam, but I thought I’d play around with asking the image generator machinery about </s>LOUD!!!!!!<e> for an interesting diversion and a bit of amusement for us all perhaps.

[upl-image-preview url=]
[upl-image-preview url=]

started my entry yesterday but realised it sounded too much like the theme from space harrier, so abandoned it and did this instead:

i made this tune for a music jam on discord with the theme “boss rush.” we had to submit a video with it which i did make this month so hopefully this counts. anyway i would like to submit a LOUD tune to this jam in particular, i hope i can get something done on time

@"billy "#p84703 billy i would say you have nailed the theme dude

Please treat this like an indie game you just bought on Steam and turn the volume down a bit before you try it for the first time

@“TracyDMcGrath”#p85357 woooah this is amazing!

@"billy "#p85371 thanks! I didn't allow myself to listen to yours until I finished with mine and it absolutely floored me.

This is something I've been messing with for years. I think it fits the idea of Loud. Repetitions on a phrase type synth distortion.

For this month, I decided to create an homage to Nintendo's “Play It Loud!” advertising campaign with a collage of double exposures on Kodak Gold 200 film, evoking the original five color variants released in the US. Please enjoy! Presenting:


[upl-image-preview url=]

@"billy "#p84703

[upl-image-preview url=]


@"kory"#p85562 these are excellent

@“Gaagaagiins”#p85854 [upl-image-preview url=]

@"billy "#p84703 THIS. TRACK. GOES. HARD.

Like hanginging out in a basement at a house show and some cool people whip out the world's coolest video game cover. No matter where I am or what I'm doing atm, that's the feeling I get.

@"TracyDMcGrath"#p85357 I'm so blown away by how this track layers elements then just let's it ride and it keeps getting more amped up. That last drum fill for one last round through the groove is glorious.

I guess I took a different approach than most people this month by writing a personal essay based on the prompt.

Just wrote the word LOUD on the top of the page and then went to town for a bit. Then went back and tidied it all up until it made as much sense as it does now. I try this with the prompt most months, but generally nothing comes out of it. For whatever reason, I was quite inspired when it comes to non-fiction this month so every time I sat down it seemed a new essay just exploded out of my fingertips. Happy with how it turned out.

at the very end of the month, and for the very first time, here is a song which hopefully fulfills the premise of “loud”. was thinking about the nature of moving (house) while making this, somewhat inspired by a very long video some of us may have seen recently– at least contributed to any detectable bittersweetness here ;). i hope you are all doing well. thank you for being you.

Faye Demonschool listening to some loud music

[upl-image-preview url=]