Insert Credit Gaiden #2 - Sniffing Other's Beers

### Insert Credit Gaiden #2 - Sniffing Other’s Beers

Brandon Sheffield continues answering your questions about Japan, and finishes ranking non-alcoholic beers encountered in convenience stores. Hosted by Brandon Sheffield, introduced by Alex Jaffe. Edited by Esper Quinn, original music by Kurt Feldman.



  • 1. Alex Jaffe asks: What’s the best convenience store in Japan? (01:19)
  • 2. Karasu asks: What do you think of the Japanese craft beer scene? (02:10)
  • 3. sosadillatron asks: Do you notice a lot fewer game centers? (03:56)
  • 4. Tomofthefog asks: What’s the first thing you wanted to do in Japan that you can’t do anywhere else in the world, and did you do it? (05:05)
  • 5. Alex Jaffe asks: Has anyone given you trouble for being a foreigner? And, saddleblasters asks: when has your identity as a foreigner perhaps surprisingly meant nothing? (06:22)
  • 6. powderooze asks: Are there more foreigners around these days? (08:59)
  • 7. Review: Suntory Lemon Sour (11:46)
  • 8. Review: Value Plus Zero Feel (13:27)
  • 9. Mnemogenic asks: What’s your favorite bird to hang out with in Japan? (14:23)
  • 10. MDS-02 asks: Do you prefer Book Off or Hard Off? (15:30)
  • 11. Lotte asks: Please go to the Wood & Plywood Museum (16:23)
  • 12. BinaryFlux asks: What’re some cool places in Japan for someone going for the *third* time? (16:54)
  • 13. mtvcribs asks: Why is Japan so much cooler than America? (18:04)
  • 14. sabertoothalex asks: What are your tips for day to day living in Japan? (19:27)
  • 15. marxseny asks: Are Japanese cops all ブタ野郎? (22:54)
  • 16. Review: Takara Karakuchi Zeroball (24:17)
  • 17. Review: Suntory White Wine (25:50)
  • 18. What Did We Learn? Plus, Bonus Garlic Cheese (27:08)
  • 19. A Noisy Airport Addendum Regarding Going With the Flow (29:47)

  • - [Asahi Dry Zero](
  • - [Dango](
  • - [Daily Yamazaki](
  • - [Lawson](
  • - [Seven & i Holdings](
  • - [Suntory Non Alcohol Lemon Sour](
  • - [Value Plus Zero Feel](
  • - [Book Off](
  • - [Hard Off](
  • - [Wood and Plywood Museum](
  • - [Comiket](
  • - [Tokyo Big Sight](
  • - [Daikaiju Salon](
  • - [](
  • - [Takara Karakuchi Zeroball](
  • - [Suntory White Wine](
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    Now I know what I’ll be listening to during today’s biking session.

    Another great episode, thanks @exodus for taking the time to answer mine and all the other questions (And get my name wrong, where‘s the R?). I didn’t expect dentistry as the answer, but from what you said from the price I can understand why!

    What records did you pick up? And did you get consent to go around smelling peoples beer?

    No coffee with this one, and I was prepared for the buzzer! Thanks again ;)

    Are trappist ales craft beers?

    @“thebryanjzx90”#p141653 absolutely! Small batches, unique flavors, no reason they wouldn't be. All beer was originally craft beer I would say, until we industrialized it.

    @"TomoftheFog"#p141652 whoops sorry! Probably was squinting at my phone in the dark!

    @“exodus”#p141668 agreed, just came to mind on the craft beer question as berugi beer bars were everywhere when I lived in Japan, even out in the sticks in Mito you could get trippels etc. and I thought it tied in to your thoughts on popular beer flavor profiles too

    @“exodus”#p141668 It‘s fine, I’ll let you off as you were drinking all those drinks and clearly drunk

    This was a very fun listen!

    Just out of curiosity, what commercial alcoholic beer would @exodus consider a 5/5 non zeroes?

    been loving these gaiden episodes (also love that patrons have been getting them a week early) >:3

    ive never tried any non alcoholic beer

    me being 21, ive been drinking the alcoholic beer, from time to time (mostly just when im at a special event or something)

    i tried a couple while i was at a mass of the fermenting dregs concert in new york at elsewhere this past weekend

    i had a cider (which was alright), i forget the details of it though

    the second and last one of that night was a drink called "dangerous duo"
    described as a hazy pale ale on the can, brewed by KCBC (king county brewers collective) in collaboration with elsewhere
    it had cool art of a werewolf and mummy looking pretty badass
    i like how it tasted, usually like some bitterness with a small lil bit of sweetness in there
    i feel like this drink had that, it was cool
    im bad at describing how drinks taste lol
    being drunk can be kind of fun, its nice to indulge in a lil bit of alcohol as an occasional thing
    though, im 21, im probably biased

    @“gvfo”#p141677 it‘s this!! the best one I’ve ever had! I don't think they make it anymore.

    NA Guava Punch - Barrel Brothers Brewing Company - Untappd

    Just want to clarify, my question was mostly a joke.

    A robust public transportation system is probably enough for me to consider one country better than another though tbh

    Thanks for answering anyway!

    Gonna check out some of these beverages on my next visit.

    Dang it I just remembered that I like Mini Stop the best out of all the convenience stores but I can't remember why. Maybe the soft serve ice cream. Or maybe the power of advertising jingles leaving “stoppu stoppu, mini stoppu” in my head a decade later.


    @“Emily”#p141687 i was at a mass of the fermenting dregs concert in new york

    fuck yeah