Insert Credit: Girl's Side

This is meant as a space within the traditionally male-dominated world of video games for us ladies to hang out and post and be cool.

Genderqueers, people questioning their gender and others are absolutely welcome to hang as well! I leave it up to you to decide individually if this is where you feel you belong. I will not be policing genders here because cops are gross.

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⤣穴 it‘s like, didn’t we already go through this with the Game Boy???

Don’t worry, I’m working on a MISSUS FPGA, its gonna run way faster


Someone really missed an opportunity to make a Mac/Windows emulator and call it a Myst-er

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⤣Tradeghouls 'n ghosts

the myst-er is just a linking book to myst

id love to hang out and smoke in myst so dang much
chill island

Great idea @the rocky connrrr picture show !

Not sure if this belongs in the sister thread, but does anyone have any games from Women/LGBTQ+ devs that they're looking forward to?

Here’s one I’m excited to support — Sorry We’re Closed. The art direction looks amazing — definitely running full-sprint with some Silent Hill themes.

⤣穴 KmtRKiO - Imgur

⤣Tradeghouls 'n ghosts Will the MISSUS print stickers?


⤣safety_lite this looks really good!!

⤣sdate personally don't need a mister in my life #WGTOW

The only Mister I need in my life

(sorry Mr. Driller)

⤣safety_lite gosh the Loopy was such an attractive console. They don't make them like that anymore!! I want to put together a Loopy-themed GBC or something one day…

⤣the rocky connrrr picture show Haha, seriously. I love the subtle lavender, tho I think it was a lot less saturated than that image.

given the size of that eject button, cartridges better have BLASTED out of the Loopy

⤣safety_lite someone on here must be able to show us with their own Loopy! Any volunteers?? Wanna see a cart ejection like a cartoon toaster.


posting my transfem videogame ideal here (i have a turquoise one though but u get the idea)

⤣riley I keep thinking about how Analogue is probably too macho a company to release the Pocket in pink or something girly. I'd love to be proven wrong (when/if I have the income to drop on one).

⤣the rocky connrrr picture show

imo the truest of gender expression is within the playdate

(i love the color yellow but i understand that it isn’t for everyone . a pink playdate would kick ass)

⤣riley on the topic of pink handhelds, I want to buy a new vita cause my original one broke, and my repair work didn‘t leave it working entirely, and now I’m extremely tempted to get this white and pink vita even though it is generally somewhat pricier

i love the color yellow but i understand that it isn’t for everyone . a pink playdate would kick ass

yellow is the second best handheld console imo. i really love my yellow dsi ll

⤣穴 oh my god both of these seriously rule, i need that pink vita but it's probably butt expensive D: