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@“safety_lite”#p139200 Thanks! I had fun taking them and was pretty happy with the results!


@“Neko”#p140414 wow, what’s happening here? Is that a double exposure, or just a really bright piece in the foreground? This makes me really want to get back out there with some grainy b+w film…

@"DaveedNoo"#p139141 love it, CineStill is so perfect for Halloween decorations with those spooky halations. I’ve only ever shot one roll of 800T, but I think there was some QA issue with it. I actually sent my camera in for repairs because I thought there was a light leak—everything seemed fine so I guess the film came with the bottom half partly exposed from the factory :/ I’ve had lots of fun with 400D, I’ll have to give the faster film another go sooner or later!

@“kory”#p140423 Thanks! This was my first time trying it. I‘m going to get one more roll and try to recapture a bunch of Holiday store fronts and lights that I had done on ultramax400 2 years ago. They worked but in kind of an eerie way. I’d be down to try the 400D as well sometime.

I did see a meme showing someone using cinestill 800 and it looking bad and someone using Kodak gold and it looking awesome and it inspired me to try some long shutter speeds on a tripod with gold in my k1000 so we'll see what happens next!

Love these!

Cinestills been up to some questionable copyright/patent stuff the last few weeks, never shot any but always wanted to, might pickup some other 800T for the holidays. I have some Kodak 500T in the fridge I want to use soon. Picked up a Canonet QL17 for my bday, sent the first 2 rolls out just now. Need to replace the light seals and the shutter lags a tad so may need to be tinkered but seems to work excellently otherwise.

A few from my first Canon A1 roll last summer, love the street art in my town.


@“FaulteredBeast”#p140441 incredible lighting on that second one.

@“nickfourtimes”#p140443 I need to go back at night to get the sign lit up neon green

Got a few back from my cheap point-and-shoot around Texas (and along the way, found a lil shop to repair my SLR for next time)

(I didn't take the last one because that's me in there, but I like the pic)




@“connrrr”#p140959 nice shots!

@“DaveedNoo”#p140988 thanks!

when i was a photography student on the original IC, I loved posting in the photo thread. It was brutal in all the ways this forum is very nice.

@“connrrr”#p140959 love that haze!



walking around Halifax.




reluctantly crouched, at the starting line.

The old Invisible Cinema storefront.