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A few more. The real stuff. I processed these so that they are centered properly, and I have color adjusted them so they are closer to how it is I saw them. That rainbow peeking over the moon really was there, as it was partly cloudy.


yours turned out way better than mine


indirect eclipse photo

“I’m 86 years old and this the weirdest shit I ever seen” - this granny


I was in the path of totality and feel obligated to share


that’s sick


Went out last night for drinks. Loaded some Ilford Delta 3200 into my camera.
Very cool film, captures plenty of detail for available light photography at night.

Enjoy :)



These are great! Are you developing at home?

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Sure am. It’s quite fun.


That’s sick. I was WAYYYYY better at development and printing in my one photo class in art school than the actual shooting haha. To bad it’s not still a broadly in demand job really.

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Love the dev station! Picked up a peterson tank and hoping to dev my B&W starting this summer.

Some pix from last few months (HP5, Foma 100, Fuji Super 200, SantaColor, Superia 400, Velvia). Really wish I took more pix in the snow this winter. All taken with a Canonet QL17, really in love with the camera and rangefinders now. Would love to have a rangefinder with different lens options and found a deal on a Leica CL…days after finding a deal on a GR1 with a working LCD. Time to shoot a lot of film!



Cool! I was looking at a CL at one point as well. Which lens are you going for?

Interested to hear your thoughts on the GR1 also.
I very much hope that Ricoh have a new replacement for the GR1 in the pipeline as part of their film project this year. They’ll be releasing this first, but I’m hopeful we’ll get a regular full frame 35mm too.



I’ve been eyeing a CL for a bit, this one may need some CLA so that will take precedence over Leica glass. Thinking for the time being a M42/39 adapter and pancake Soviet lens could be a fun, interesting, pocketable setup. I love the Canon but it is a bit bulky for bringing around. Any lens recommendations?

Very excited for the new film cams dropping this year. If a new GR comes out that would be huge. Not sure there’s enough of a business case for that at the price they would be available for but fingers crossed. Mints Rollei 35 AF looks like it could be really nice for now. Curious how those come out and how long they intend to make them for.

Speak of the devil, fresh product and sample pix

Really loving how this is looking. Fingers crossed they don’t have too many gremlins. Hoping they don’t go the Analogue route and just restock and sell them for awhile.


Oh cool! I didn’t know that was a thing. Tempting to grab one of those.

I’ve only got one Leica lens and the price tag was not for the faint of heart, I don’t think I can really recommend it based on that :sweat_smile:. But if you are keen on Leica glass, I’ve been looking at a used 50mm Summicron or the collapsible Elmar for my next lens. Both seem a lot more affordable.

I think if I had a CL I’d be looking at a 40mm Voigtländer since the CL has the frame lines for it. Cheap, new, and good. You could go for a Summicron-C or a Rokkor, but haze and fungus could be a problem and they’re often more expensive than a new Voigtländer.

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Found this bigboi on the way home from work. Look at him, a king atop a pile of trash.


It’d be real nice to keep it with a Rokkor, but a 1.4 for much less makes way more sense. Might still start with an adapter + pancake to run the first few rolls. Been falling in love with 40mm focal length with the Canonet, will free me up to be braver about throwing that in my backpack for more rugged shots.

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Yeah, 40mm rules. I’ve had a love affair with tiny 35-40mm focal length lenses for years. I used it the first time on my old Lumix GF1 with the 20mm pancake (40mm equivalent). Then I had a Fuji X100 35mm equiv. Then had the 40mm Canon pancake on a 5DII and a 24mm (40mm equiv.) Canon pancake on a Kiss X7. My Leica doesn’t have 40mm frame lines, so I went for a 35mm.

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Picked up a new lens recently (got a great deal on a Sigma 18-50mm f2.8) and coincidentally a camera shop nearby was hosting a sunset/evening photo walk so I went along to test it out.
Got a couple of shots I’m happy with.


Another night out. Starting to get better at rangefinder focusing.
Ilford HP5+ pushed to ISO 1600 with compensated meter +1/3 stop. Used a new chemical dilution for this one, turned out great (ID-11 1+1 @ ~20C for 21min).


I absolutely love the way you play with shadows in these. The final two especially are captivating.

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