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Aww, I didn’t realize panasonic officially ended production of their fixed lens cameras :/

Those micro 4/3 models were so cool, probably have pretty impressive low light performance for camera size. Should have gotten one while they were clearing them out a while back, I bet used prices are only going to be going up now…


I use my Ricoh GR III at night often. I just let that little guy go up to auto ISO 6400 and shoot wide open (f/2.8) in aperture priority mode. Handheld, no flash, no probs unless the subject is moving a lot.

Cool thing about the GR III is that it has in body image stabilisation, so you can do downright silly shutter speeds at night. Pricey cameras (I think around $1000USD), but they absolutely rule. APS-C that fits in my jeans pocket :P
(Also it is a very handsome magnesium alloy camera, if you like the 90s.)

Some examples :D

f/2.8 1/15s ISO6400

f/2.8 1/30s ISO5000


Well I am on the IC forums so I definitely do like the '90s hahaha. I will definitely look into this camera, by the way, these shots are great!

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There are four different types now.
All have 24MP APS-C sensor and fit in the palm of your hand.

Current models:
GRIII - 28mm equiv. lens, built in ND filter
GRIIIx - 40mm equiv. lens, built in ND filter
GRIII HDF - 28mm equiv. lens, built in HDF filter
GRIIIx HDF - 40mm equiv. lens, built in HDF filter

The HDF models were very recently announced. They have a HDF filter that blows out the highlights, probably mega cool for night shots! Take a look at some example shots here: GR IIIx HDF - Ricoh

(When I’m ramblin’ about filters, I mean physical filters that move into the focal plane inside the camera, not software wizardry.)


I have the GR as well. not convinced by these new filters. you can easily blow out or bloom the highlights on a sharp image with software, you can’t sharpen a blown out highlight. anyway, this is the nonsense I do with it:

I think it’s a good purchase, but I’d definitely get it second hand and consider getting one of the older models.


This past Sunday I got some breakfast with a friend at a nearby diner. Afterward we went for a walk together around the neighborhood and continued catching up. We came across a little free library, she picked out a book she wanted and inside this photo was being used as a bookmark — On the back it was labeled as Easter Sunday 1946!

It was a cool moment of serendipity that we are now forever connected to these people through.


Oh dang what a sick camera. Yeah those filters are interesting. Maybe a dumb question but are they easily removable or like a permanent built-in thing? I’d like to be able to experiment with and without.

These are nice pictures And yeah I thought about the software vs. permanent filter plus definitely looking for used.

A good day at the park.


it’s springtime in montréal.


The filters are inside the camera and move into place at a push of a button. Don’t have to use them if you don’t want, just an option that is available. Those new models replace the ND filter with a HDF filter.

If you’re keen on buying used, just ignore the new HDF models, there won’t be any used available since you can’t even get them new yet.

You are most likely to find a used GR III (the non x with 28mm focal length), because they’ve been on the market the longest. Be careful not to buy a “GR Digital III”, which is a completely different and much older camera which will not do great in low light.

During my research when I was buying one, I found that due to high demand, low stock, and popularity of the GR III, the older GR and GR II were being sold at an inflated cost. So I ended up buying new.

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Ok that’s really good info. Thank you! It’ll be a while before I can make anything happen but I’m excited to share here when I do!


First two rolls of HP5 through the MP are done.
Pushed one roll to ISO 1600, interested to see how that turns out.

Also here is my little development station :)


Hello! I picked up a well loved and used Sony a6000 almost exactly 12 months ago and I’ve had such a great time learning how to use a camera manually after relying on auto mode in phones and point-and-shoots.

I’m definitely still learning, but have a few shots I’m proud of.


These rule. Nice work!

did the camel catch the pieces of corn ?


Here are the results. Leica MP with a 35mm Summicron.

Interestingly I think the Pentax 50mm f/1.7 resolved a bit better! But I did use a different development process for both of these rolls. Also my new lesson learnt, throwing the squeegee away. All three rolls, from two different cameras, have big scratches in them from the squeegee. Otherwise pretty pleased with the results.

Ilford HP5+ ISO 400:

Ilford HP5+ Pushed ISO 1600:

For those interested in the camera itself:


These are so lovely. I like the chairs in front of the bars and the figure walking under the negroni sign in particular.

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Thank you so much!

Haha yes, they absolutely did. Kid was right on target.


For those who could not observe the eclipse. Some photos are crummier than others, as I fashioned a crude lens out of a cut up pair of paper glasses.