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Got commissioned by a friend to do some show posters recently and got to do some cool photo collage stuff for them. Really awesome to have an actual excuse to use any of this in even a semi professional context lol.

Also found out about some cool locations about 2 or 3 hours away from PDX another friend that I’m dying to go check out. I make the drive out to the wind farms out on the eastern side of the Washington/Oregon border semi frequently but I met someone who is from over there and they were telling me many crazy things you can do wrt state roads that don’t have prohibited access to standing right under the windmills/crazy natural landmarks but my car got totaled like right before I found out about them. Been using old photos from that general area for a comic project / as reference material.


These are so fun.

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got some rolls developed from spring, need to shoot more!


Recently got a disposable camera for a camping trip and had so much fun using it that I think I want to get a real film camera for a couple trips coming up later this year(including Japan!!!). Did a little research and the Olympus Trip 35 seems like a readily available and decently priced option to go for. Does this sound correct to people here? Any other suggestions? I like that one because it has an auto option as well as manual settings.


Those are sweet! Olympus has great optics in very compact packages. That’s a good choice for simplicity and ease of use, be sure to practice with a roll using the zone focusing a bit so you don’t miss any shots when it counts.

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I have not used that Olympus but looks good, worth a shot.

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view from my new job






Ahhhh these are so dope. Where were these taken?

It sure looks like eastern Washington but I dont know for sure. I had a friend with an apple orchard outside of Ellensburg Wa and we’d get the gang together and hang out for a weekend. Also by coincidence I’m rereading don quixote. Or at least the second book. I tend to skip the first one these days.