Insert credit podcast episodes dedicated to ranking the best games

My favourite episodes tend to be the ones where the panel ranks the best games of a particular category. In case anyone is interested in seeking out these ‘ranking’ episodes, I made a list of them here.
Please let me know if I have missed any and I will update it.

Ep. 24 - GOTY 2012 Speculationacular (best games of 2012)
Ep. 27 - Insert Credit Annual #1 (best games ever)
Ep. 47 - BGGOAT (best sega genesis games)
Ep. 63 - BSNESGOAT (best snes games)
Ep. 73 - GOTY 2013 (best games of 2013)
Ep. 74 - Insert Credit Annual #2 (best games ever)
Ep. 81 - BGOAT (best competitive games)
Ep. 95 - Episode Nineteen Ninety-Four (best 1994 games)
Ep. 112 - The Future With Pixels (top 10 games developers should play)
Ep. 136 - PS2CULAR (best ps2 games)
Ep. 156 - Horror Game Ranking Spec-Drac-ular (best horror games)
Ep. 166 - Insert Credit Annual #3 (best games ever)
Ep. 168 - Game of the year 2020 (best games of 2020)
Ep. 178 - Top 20 Xbox 36Tacular (best xbox games)
Ep. 192 - July 4th Best British Games Spectacular (best British games)
Ep. 219 - The Insert Credit Consolebration (best consoles)
Ep. 223 - Game of the Year 2021 (best games of 2021)
Ep. 256 - Top 20 Arcade Edition (best arcade games)
Ep. 273 - Insert Credit Annual #4 (best games ever)
Ep. 274 - Game of the Year 2022 (best games of 2022)
Ep. 278 - Nintendo 3DSpectacular (best 3DS games)
Ep. 290 - Treasure Ranking (best Treasure games)
Ep. 319 - Insert Credit Annual #5 (best games ever)
Ep. 325 - Game of the Year 2023 (best games of 2023)

Also wanted to mention an episode with a ranking , but not the full episode is dedicated to it : Ep. 310 - Specdracular 2023 (lightning round ranking Resident Evil)

**Edit - added in episodes 112, 156, 178, 278 thanks for letting me know I missed those


I also love all of the ranking episodes! Feels like we’re due for another one soon…! But I guess there won’t be another one until ep. 360.

If I remember correctly there are a few lightning rounds for ranking franchises. Wasn’t there one where the panel ranked the Contra games?


I hope the panel does another rank episode soon - maybe one about a specific developer / genre? In some ways its easy to pick the best games of the year etc - but when they ranked best games on the PS2 or by Treasure, I feel like it can led to more interesting discussion. Particularly when they passionately champion a lesser known game.
I would love to see :

  • Best ps3 game
  • Best games of the 2000s
  • Best games of the 2010s
  • Best auteur driven games
  • Best worst game (games that are objectively bad, but there’s somethin there)
  • Best controllers
  • Best non-controller console devices
  • Best non-free game that currently costs less than a dollar
  • Best title screen in a game
  • Best level music in a game
  • Best lightgun games
  • Best gibberish voice acting (Hollow Knight / Chulip ?)
  • Best videogame adaption of a board game

A bunch of those probably wouldn’t fill a full episode though ha, maybe a lightning round.

And yeah you’re right, there are definitely more episodes that contain brief / lightning round rankings - I wanted to focus on the longer episodes dedicated primarily to debating and ranking the best games. I just stumbled upon the RE lightning round one and popped it on the list, just in case anyone was curious.


Best Bonk Game Of All Time


I tend to like these episodes, too.

You’re missing the horror game ranking, episode 156.


while conceptually this episode fits the topic, the hosts unfortunately struggled to include discussion of any games that could be considered “best”


Episode 112, The Future With Pixels is another that I believe fits here. The panelists try to come up with a list of 10 games that developers should play and be influenced by. It’s a good one.


Still thinking about Frank starting the console ranking episode with the Windows PC.


the best xbox games episode when frank could only muster 2 games, one of which he admitted he didnt like lol

(@gazamcnulty there should be an xbox or xbox 360 episode there somewhere)


Ep. 178 - Top 20 Xbox 36Tacular, with Kris Graft and Matthew Kumar


Ep. 278 - Nintendo 3DSpectacular, with Mathew Kumar


Can’t remember how I felt at the time but looking back at it, that was legendary behavior


Frank “Gigachad” Cifaldi completely shifted the vibe of the ranking episode with that opening move