insert credit show soundtrack

Wow, never realised Insert Credit's Kurt Feldman was Ice Choir. I love the album Designs in Rhythm

yeah, we do a lot with kurt! he also did the sountrack (and sfx) for Gunsport, and is working on our next thing too.

Brilliant, really happy this is available now. Really enjoyed the tunes from the show.

It’s bandcamp friday! If you’ve been waiting to grab this, today is a great day to do it!!

Oh wow, I absolutely love this soundtrack! By far the best podcast music out there. Now to go immediately purchase on bandcamp…

Checked and purchased

As a side note, I'm one of those crazy people that listens to podcasts at 1.5x speed, and hearing the music at its originally intended tempo is a fresh journey after hearing it sped up all this time during the show

@“rejj”#p60457 buddy, crazy is an understatement

derangededly _unhinged_ is more like it

(don’t worry i’m joking. i just thought it’d be good to clarify)