Insert Credit - Video Game OST Workout Mix Tape Vol 1

Okay, so after putting off trying to get this thread started (and making the decision no one else was apparently going to beat me to it!) I’m taking matters into my own hands and making it a thing that will happen!

First up, big thank you to @"Jaffe"#205 for bringing this topic up in ep. 212 and @"esper"#11 for capturing the list for reference.

As someone who’s music playlist is 9/10ths gaming OST’s anyways, and a child of the 80’s-90’s when cassettes were in their prime, this really appealed to me and was a great question! So on the one hand, while we already seem to have a bunch of music threads on the forum, it also means there’s plenty of us passionate about it to really put together a good mix of everyone’s interests/styles.

I would like to put down a couple ground rules for this and will update this post based on feedback if people are for/against anything but to me a mix tape should try to meet the following criteria:

  • 1. Most common playback time for cassettes was 60 or 90 min. Based on participation, we can work towards filling one or the other, but we can’t go over!
  • 2. Any mix tape needs an A side and a B side; we can possibly rank these by popularity here in the thread? We just need to remember that we’ll only have 30/45 min of music per side!
  • 3. Since this is a “mix” I don’t want this to turn into (as @"After that rat, another and another."#385 so eloquently posted) “Richard Simmons Sweatin’ to Koshiro Vol. IV” So I’m thinking only 1 track per artist per volume/side (or per mix tape?) Or maybe making this one game “series” per volume/side. So for example, only 1 track from Streets of Rage allowed per side/volume or only one Koshiro track per side/volume? I’m up for debate on this one, so let’s hear your feedback.
  • 4. It wouldn’t be an Insert Credit “mix” without something from Kurt Feldman, so we need to pick one and put that in there!
  • 5. Warmup and cooldown tracks would be okay! Though we might want to limit those to a couple at best due to time?
  • 6. Tracks as already selected by the IC crew from [Ep. 212 - This Game Is Legal Grounds for Divorce]( are automatically included/given priority
  • 7. Can possibly have some motivational voice samples/clips or stage clear/you win type positive reaffirmation stuff in there to “spice” up the mix (One of my favorite mix tapes from back in the day had a bunch of silly commercials or voice clips from famous movies etc. so I'm cool with that here if there's time)
  • I went back through the Ep. 212 thread and I think I’ve pulled all the tracks out that forum users and the panelists mentioned? If I missed anyone/anything, by all means, let me know and I’ll update accordingly!

    **Warm up**
    [Tim] [Final Fantasy 4 Town Theme]( (0:49)
    [Tim] [Fire Emblem 3 Houses - Main Theme]( (Name Entry?) (2:04)

    [Tim/Frank?] Super Mario Galaxy - [Ice Mario]( Theme (I don’t think we need it for 1hr though!) (OST Track Length is 30 sec)
    [Frank] [Starman/Invincibility Super Mario Galaxy]( (0:30) (Need to confirm a version or just grab from Galaxy?)
    [Brandon] [Queen of the Passion]( - Yakuza (01:34?)
    [Brandon] [Sewer Surfin’ TMNT 4 Turtles in Time]( - (1:34?)
    [Frank] [Batman - Return of the Joker (NES) - Boss Theme Music]( (0:49?)
    [Tim] [Final Fantasy 13 - Blinded by the Light]( (2:55)
    [Brandon] Shin Megami Tensei 3 ??? (I didn’t see that get caught, may need @"exodus"#3 to provide follow up?)

    **Cool down**
    [Brandon] [Xeno Crisis OST #03 - Area 1 - Perimeter]( (3:54)

    **Other recommendations from the podcast that were not specific enough we’ll need to narrow down:**
    Sonic R
    Wangan Midnight
    Katamari Damacy

    **Music submissions by other forum members:**

    [Thunder Cricket] [Castlevania 2 Simon’s Quest (NES) Music - Dwellings of Doom]( (1:06)
    [Thunder Cricket] [Contra (NES) - Alien’s Lair]( (1:26) & [Boss Music]( (1:22) - (May need to split/pick 1 based on rules?)
    [Thunder Cricket] [Solstice Music (NES) - Title Screen Theme]( (??? - 2:47 There’s a quick intro track as well, may need to confirm if that’s included?)
    [Thunder Cricket] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time (SNES) - Sewer Surfin’ (Brandon mentioned this one) - Captured above
    [Thunder Cricket] [Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie (SNES) - Moonlight]( (??? 2:55)
    [Thunder Cricket] [Final Fantasy 5 - Battle With Gilgamesh]( (2:26)
    [Thunder Cricket] [Elemental Master - Dance of Flame]( (1:52)
    [DavidNoo] [Tactics Ogre Let us Cling Together - Avilla Henya]( (2:56)
    [AbandonedRocketship] [Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike - Alex & Ken's Theme - Jazzy NYC '99]( (3:14) (Warm Up Tracks)
    [beets] [Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat)]( - (3:21) (Does this one get in on a technicality as it’s not actually a track from any of the “games”? I'm fine either way myself!)
    [sabertoothalex] [The World Ends With You - Calling]( (3:28)
    [docky] [Lunar: The Silver Star (Sega CD), Opening]( (1:41)

    If we include ALL of the above, our timing is currently at 38:33, so there’s still plenty of room to clear up the outstanding questions and add a few more suggestions if we want to cap this at 60 or 90 minutes.

    I’ve tried to search for actual OST track listing timestamps for these, though granted, I haven’t been able to find “official” listings for some of this, if you have something more “official” or we want to determine the number of loops for some of the short stuff, I’m okay with that as well.

    Personally if I had to add one track to the list, as much as I want to add something from Streets of Rage, I think I’d have to request:

    [Unbeknownst2U] [Sega Scud Race/Super GT - Flight in the Dark (Twilight Airport)]( (2:47) - Cardio/weights

    Looking forward to seeing the forums round out the list! I’ll update this post as I can circle back with updates. If there’s formatting etc. we need to do or I’ve screwed this post up, please call me out and I’ll attempt a fix.

    Mentioning the other members of the forum that contributed in the ep thread here: @"ThunderCricket"#344 @"DavidNoo"#503 @"AbandonedRocketship"#765 @"beets"#206 @"sabertoothalex"#360 @"docky"#649

    Edit 1: forgot a couple links, updated.

    I mean it would be a bit of a shocker if this is not Brandon's opener.

    sweet idea! Not sure if this is allowed with Abandoned Rocketship's one earlier but this would slide nicely between something

    Also is Sonic represented yet? Lot of good stuff there. Mystic cave. Endless Mine. I dunno!

    also featured on Tim's playlist ['video game music i do not want playing while i have sex'](

    Are songs from Bemani games cheating? Because I'm one of THOSE people.

    @KennyL - But would it be YOUR opener? If it is, I‘ll throw it in there! That 80’s flashdance feeling does make it a great candidate.

    @DavidNoo - No Sonic as of yet, with the exception of them mentioning Sonic R in the podcast (which I'm hoping some others will come in and drop some recommendations.) So Mystic Cave or Endless Mine are fair game. And we can get Way to Glory on the B side to round out the SF representation.

    @hellomrkearns - Nothing wrong with a track that can multitask


    @“Nemoide”#p53242 Are songs from Bemani games cheating? Because I’m one of THOSE people.

    I can't say I can relate because I was not one of "those" people; however, I think you'd probably be able to classify my friends and I as "those OTHER" people playing Guitar Freak, DDR or Para-Para Paradise. I see no issue with picking a couple (one for each side of the cassette?) to represent the series here.

    And here I was thinking I would have to start filling this track list with Nights of Fire or Butterfly if I didn't get any participation!

    **Other random thoughts:**
    "End of the Unknown" - Nier Automata
    something from Jet Set/Grind Radio or Future?
    "13 Seconds Warning" from Virtual On Oratorio Tangram
    Wangan Midnight or Streets of Rage?

    I'll try to update the main list here within 24 hours.

    @“Unbeknownst2U”#p53307 Sure let's do it!