Is there a name for Listening Insert Credit from the begining?

Had fun yesterday listening to the first episode. I started around 180 and never thought about it.

Tim (a tim closer to the Embed with games chapter) predicted Destiny, the seed of Violence Island, the (extra) horrible buzzard, Necrosoft had no games, Videogame preservation HAVEN"T BEEN INVENTED YET.
Those are really wild times!

Really recomended but also got me working. Is anyone doing the same or done it in the recent past? (you “I listen from the begining every time it came out for years” go home)
Is there a name for that? (the insert road, insertcrediting, inserting all the credits)

EDIT: you should know Jaffe does not recommend doing this.



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Last year I did a relisten from ep 1 having only come in around last January. Got me thru a lot of commuting and setting up/closing down my woodworking space. Damn post COVID traffic exploded and made that untenable :( but at least had some good pods to cope lol.


I cannot recommend doing this


This week Tim mentioned his N64 piece he did on Kotaku, I searched it up and read it followed by googling to see if Insert Credit had spoken about N64 more.

The first result is for Episode 98, it was ok but clear that podcasting has come a long way in a decade plus. Equipment is now readily available at an entry or semi-pro level price point and having Jaffe as host with a tighter adherence to the format makes for great listening while maintaining the casual feel.

I’ve tried to do what you’re talking about before for other podcasts and a lot of them felt unfamiliar, strange and had dated talking points. I’ve started branching out to different podcasts instead.

To further this discussion, are there any absolute essential episodes?

I’ve gone back to recent classics such as Episode 300 now that I better understand what an Insert Credit is and how that quality may be made into a game. I must have joined and started listening at around that period of time and was confused as heck. Also Episode 290 with the Treasure Ranking was also a real enjoyable episode that broke format.


The list of episodes here is worth going through:


Wow this is recent too, thanks!

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Might do that if I catch up with recent episodes and need more to listen to to make it to the tedium of exercising. When was the first one recorded?

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I’ll also nominate episode 180 as “essential”, particularly @azure 's segment in response to “what’s wrong with video games”.


I semi-recently restarted at episode 1 again when I was having dialysis treatment three times a week. Good podcast to chill with for 10 hours a week when a phone is the only thing you can feasibly use. .


I first listened to episode 260 (Banjo-Kazoomer) and then went back to ep. 200.
I did 200-259
then i went from 150 onwards again
I recommend every episode excluding the short lived Jaffeless Era that is just the trio or duo sometimes


I’m glad someone said it


Tried to do this yesterday and pocket casts only went back to like episode 252 boo

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i haven’t listened to them all, but many. And I like em!

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It might be archiving them but it should have them all, that’s how I listened to them.

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My favourite episodes are when Kris Graft shows up. I enjoy the list episodes only when Jaffe introduces a ridiculous gimmick that forces no one to take it particularly seriously. Otherwise it can just become… a list of video games.

I listened from the start when I first got into the show, which I believe was around 2014 or so. Which I’m just realizing was ten years ago. Anyway it wasn’t so bad then, but I tried going back again recently and it felt really weird. Obviously the production quality and professionalism was 000% back then and the show was a lot sillier. That had its good qualities, and I think that free-wheeling goofiness is part of the charm that Kris Graft often brings, but the show has definitely improved a lot since then.

It is interesting to go back and see just how different the general conversation about video games was back then, and what sort of video games were of note in the moment. The show began right at the height of the 360 era, so it’s hard for me to listen to because I was listening to a lot of video game stuff back then and heard all those conversations 8 000 000 times each. Nowadays I only really hear about video game “controversies” second-hand through the Insert Credit Show, which makes it a lot more tolerable.

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the patreon feed doesn’t have all of them. Mine has up to 120. You need to go regular for that.

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I have a 300+ ep podcast where I also don’t recommend doing this but people still do it. I thought they we’re crazy but now I think I might get it.

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boo, who needs her

This is my biggest takeaway from having listened to the older episodes (more than once). There’s some interesting episodes in there - especially the Tim/Brandon travel eps - but it feels like the dark ages until the 2020 resurgence of the podcast (admittedly the episode right before the first one back is kind of an interesting one: Brandon and Tim are the only speakers, alternating recommendations of games to each that they assume the other hasn’t played)

Jaffe has, in person, tried to dissuade me from listening to episodes before 129. I immediately named the episode correctly and had to come to terms with how embarrassed I was to instantly reveal how much I’ve engaged with the podcast.


I’ve recently been coming to grips with whether or not I’m on a spectrum and have sorted The Insert Credit Show/Audio Magazine into my hyperfixations