Is there a name for Listening Insert Credit from the begining?

i wonder whatever happened to this dork

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But do I really want to go back? Who knows what I’ll be faced with in there. Can’t I just stay here? Maybe there will be another hole later. Maybe I can hold out. Can’t I just keep playing this game? Can’t I just stay asleep? Can’t I just keep walking around the block?

The answer, ultimately, is no. There comes a time to turn the game off, and deal with your own problems. And the longer you put it off, the worse it will get.

what a dork

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that one was fire!

Can’t recall how I found The IC Show but I started listening to season 1 when lockdown started and we had a puppy. Dog park twice a day. Then season 2 started and it felt like finding an onion ring in my french fries or something.

Going to call the vibe “purposeful banter” and it really clicked with me. I’ve listened all the way through 3 times now.

Not sure why other podcasts can’t quite scratch the same itch. I don’t even really care about video games much. I feel bad admitting this, but I don’t tell my friends I listen to IC even tho we chat about podcasts daily and IC is my favorite by far.

Anyone else a closet fan who’s interests otherwise don’t really seem to fit IC?


Same boat as you. IC is the only podcast I listen to (part of monday routine) though I only play like 3 games a year. I spend most of my time on this forum talking about books and posting music on the music threads lol.


i wouldn’t say i don’t care about video games but i definitely don’t have much time to play them. i will say that the IC crew and associates speak to and about video games in a unique way that suits me very well. also this forum is a good example of how folks bring that same thought process to books and music and movie etc.

edit: basically what bonsai said


I almost always listen to IC while walking my dog. There is something very special about this show. The hosts are smart and they almost never talk about current terrible stuff in the news which is 90% of the other podcasts in my feed and I ignore those podcasts vehemently. And they are very uniquely interested in so many things but don’t take it too seriously which makes for great listening.

I also am an outlier probably because I barely play games at all but I still enjoy hearing about them and thinking about them. I get the keeping it secret thing. I’ve told friends about IC a few times and no one has bitten. I’ve also tried to get them to watch tim’s videos and these friends who watch thousands of hours of youtube just cannot do it. But now I’m at a point where I don’t even want them to watch it. fuck em.


also gonna add that i too listen to the podcast when dog walking and this is the only podcast i listen to. it also takes me about a week to get through each episode because i’ll do one or two questions at a time lol


I’ll let you in on a little secret: the podcast and the video game stuff on the forum is really just a front for the book thread.


If you’re going to disrespect my wishes and listen to insert credit from the beginning please at least tell your friends about insert credit


how big are all your dogs that you walk around on them so long


cucumber credit


100% snob-free



that’s a giant pocky box wth

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I do not like this picture


I will also tell them that they can listen to the last episodies and there’s no need for going back. They can even subscribe if they want bonus episodes.

but know that once they get into the forums there’s nothing I can do

So be it

brandon is just very small

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quite unlike azurelore :woman_fairy:t2: