Is there anything cool on Disney+?

If you’re in the U.K., there’s 11 episodes (the last 11 they’ve broadcast, I think, so they’ll change over time) of Bluey on BBC iPlayer. Think of them as a taster.

@“exodus”#p50476 as a star wars liker i completely agree with this take on the mandalorian. i would actually be more critical of S2 than this but indeed it's really the last 5 minutes that rolls out the big honkin space shark and winks at the camera as it takes a run up

and as a parent of a young child i echo the bluey recommendations, although i have to robustly object to the peppa pig comparison. once you make the mistake of paying any attention to peppa pig it reveals itself to be pretty mean-spirited and patronising, with poor attempts at humour. bluey is the opposite - genuinely funny, unpretentiously intelligent, and even poignant at times - there is one particular episode that almost always makes me tear up. peppa pig doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same breath. she can get in the sea.

@“goonbag”#p50714 wow savage takedown of peppa pig. thanks for giving me a different perspective on that show.

this morning i attempted to show bluey to my son, because he was shouting about wanting to watch peppa pig. but bluey isn't on disney+ in japan, it turns out! dang. i'll have to pursue one of the other options mentioned here.

@“whatsarobot”#p50753 i wrote three different versions of a reply in which i blamed my occasional propensity for Hot Takes on the brainwashing machine that is the internet but my phone deleted them every time. even the version where i referenced 90s wired magazine pretending to channel marshall mcluhan for a cover article where they interviewed his spirit about the potential of the web. anyway, this morning as i nurse a mild hangover and watch youtube kids with my youtube-lovin‘ kid, and he giggles at daddy pig riding a toy horse down a hill into a pond and emerging with a duck on his head, i realise i may have been slightly too harsh. bluey still kicks peppa’s arse though, get onto that vpn mate


@“goonbag”#p51749 whoa

they got them there gargoyles, yer dinosaurs. muppet show this, silver surfer that. i never did see much of that bug juice, like a little kid real world? non-zero chance a kid cries.

I don‘t know if I’ve said this already, but here is the result of my research:

In Japan, Disney+ _does_ have Gargoyles (cool!), but does _not_ have Dinosaurs (bad).

My daughter is very much into Gravity Falls and that new Duck Tales! Awesome.

My almost-three year-old son has now discovered Cars. Dangerous.

They don't tell you this, but there's a ton of anime on there! Now's my chance to catch up on Tokyo Revengers, My Hero Academia, and a whole bunch of others. Fun bonus, if I want to go to anime town!


just found out that they've added up to season 29 of the Simpsons, and at least the first 12 seasons are available with Japanese voice acting! (as well as eight or nine other languages.) fun times ahead.

@“whatsarobot”#p61381 oh man, that might be worth a re-watch for me

In other news the owl house is pretty good, while also definitely being a show for children

@“exodus”#p61387 just checked, but it's not available (at least not here) :o

thanks for the recommendation! maybe someday.

@“whatsarobot”#p61389 that‘s weird! Maybe because there’s some positive bisexual representation

@“exodus”#p61392 you wouldn't think that would be a problem in the country that invented anime!

good news! ( @“bone”#473 @“Punzai”#313 @“rejj”#455 )

they finally added Bluey to Disney+ over here, so i showed it to my kids (6 and 3 years old), and they both love it! it really is like a much better (and better looking), truer to life version of Peppa Pig.

my 3 year old especially, when he watches tv, usually gets this weird zombified expression on his face. but with Bluey, he smiles the entire time, and gets really into it. i've never seen him react that way to anything else!

so, thanks for the recommendation.

@“whatsarobot”#p50420 No. You are misusing the word “Cool”.

@“exodus”#p61387 oh hey The Owl House is on there now, too! at least the first season. will give it a look.