Is there anything cool on Disney+?

I finally cracked and got a subscription so I could watch that Get Back Beatles documentary, which has been very worth one month's subscription price so far.

But I'm wondering whether to keep the subscription after that! I don't care about Star Wars or Marvel, and Disney+ in Japan only has the first 14 seasons of the Simpsons (meanwhile I have the first 30 on my computer lol).

I would like to watch the newer Pixar films, and might check out The Muppet Show and Gravity Falls. Is there any other good stuff worth checking out on there?

Gravity Falls gets my stamp of approval too! I wish I had that show when I was a kid.

I don‘t have a Disney+ subscription but I generally like the weird stuff I know they have a some options there. Mr. Boogedy is a made-for-TV Halloween movie that I think is kind of fun. The Three Caballeros is a classic Disney movie that gets overlooked by too many folks. I think The Absent Minded Professor holds up but your mileage may vary. I’m pretty sure the sitcom Dinosaurs is streaming? I remember liking that a lot when I was younger.

Then there are the Disney Afternoon shows I liked as a kid that I'd be curious to revisit, like DuckTales, Darkwing Duck, Gargoyles, or The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show. Are those even on Disney+? Not sure how well they hold up for adults regardless.


@“whatsarobot”#p50420 Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls is phenomenal, one of the best animated series in recent times, extremely good and chill vibes overall.

There is also Soul, the Pixar movie, which was quite good, and some of the Star Wars stuff is worth a watch, like Visions and the Mandalorian, if only for the [tremendous soundtrack by Ludwig Göransson](

Other than that I haven't found Disney+ super interesting or useful, it's included with my internet/phone subscription and if it wasn't for that I don't think I would pay for it tbh!

I am a well known star wars not-carer-about but I would say the mandalorian is the thing that‘s worth watching. the first season especially is mostly vibes, not a lot of story or dialog, lots of good music and walking around, and the baby yoda is actually pretty cute if you, for example, have a chihuahua. It is the only star wars thing I have ever seen in my life that I would recommend to anybody, or actually watch again. Only warning is the last 5 minutes of season 2 is the exact kind of thing I was worried the whole thing would be. But that means there’s an entire two seasons minus 5 minutes that's not straight out of the star wars dungeon.

I got one month of disney+ every time a season of the mandalorian dropped, and watched some simpsons in between. otherwise I kinda just left it alone. I've now seen all the good simpsons (unless we finish [the good season]( and that last 5 mins of mandalorian has me real worried, so I'm not sure if I'll be using disney+ ever again, but that's been my positive experience with it.

If you‘re interested in Gravity Falls, I think you’d probably also like the recent DuckTales reboot, which marries the general makeup of the old show to a slightly more weighty story inspired by the classic Carl Barks/Don Rosa lore. I‘m also a big fan of the series of Mickey Mouse shorts they started putting out in 2013, they’ve got just some fantastic slapstick gags the likes of which cartoons generally just don't do anymore, and even when the jokes get a little more dialogue heavy the writing is pretty punchy.

I also really like the Tangled animated series, which picks up where the film left off and retains most of the original voice cast. It's a little bit more For Babies, particularly in the beginning, but the story eventually does pick up and get into some fun sword & sorcery, centered around the friendship/rivalry between Rapunzel and her friend Cassandra, a royal handmaiden who longs to go on cool swashbuckling adventures but has the misfortune of not being born a Disney princess. The big selling point for me though is that it has original songs by Alan Menken! Menken's absence from the recent Disney canon is probably the biggest reason I've never really liked any Disney musical since Tangled, and he's written [a song]( or [two]( for the show that I'm PRETTY SURE _MAYBE_ could have dominated the pop cultural landscape on the level of Let it Go if only they'd happened to be in a theatrical film.

You all have given me some really good suggestions here, and I appreciate it! Looks like I‘ll have plenty of stuff to justify at least a month or two of Disney+ subscribin’!

watch all the classic Disney movies! they look beautiful on there. 101 Dalmatians is a personal favorite

“Howard” is a great look at Howard Ashman‘s story, one of Disney’s most iconic creatives. Lots of archival footage of him writing/recording songs that are probably as well known as Beatles songs at this point. Pretty wild that he passed away decades before Disney even attempted to include LGBTQ-coded characters in their movies.

Also amusing: we watched all 51 "One Day At Disney" shorts, which effectively function as a recruiting tool for their brands. They bounce around some pretty grim looks at the daily Disney grind, but then you'll get a really melancholic look at some lost master who is the only organist/masonry expert/clay modeler left who's been at the company for 100 years and has no one to replace them.

AND WHO can forget perhaps the most chaotic minute Disney ever committed to film:

@“mr-domino”#p50564 In tears. That punch might be the greatest punch in cinema history.

wow , this is not a good title for something but –

“Disney Mickey Mouse” (2013 - 2018) and it's sequel series “The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse” are fantastic. shorts starring mickey, minnie, donald, goofy, daisy, pete – the whole gang. comedy slapstick with great animation.

here are some select drawings of mickey mouse:

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i had a real good time watching some classic disney propaganda.
walter hosted these himself. they were television documentaries. a look back on fifties futurism and a behind the scenes
"Mars and Beyond" "The Story of the Animated Drawing" "Man in Space"

oh and my mom loved "Free Guy" and has brought it up in conversation several times.
personally, it kinda bummed me out.

@“pizzascrub”#p50580 my favourite, I‘m not sure if it’s on Disney+, is when notorious Nazi death-camp scientist Werner Von Braun is wheeled out to talk about rockets.

If you’ve got kids, you can’t beat Bluey. You also can see all those Pixar shorts which can be good.

@“bone”#p50595 Big thumbs up for Bluey. That got me like Peppa Pig. It‘s far cleverer and funnier than you think it’s going to be.

As a side note, am I the only one who thinks the UI is insufferable trash? I don't understand why streaming services are still difficult to navigate and lacking in basic features, especially one owned by one of the most powerful corporations in the world.

also gonna rep for gravity falls, my kids have been looping it for months and it’s a really nice chill hangout as mentioned above

@“bone”#473 @“Punzai”#313 I've heard mention of Bluey recently, but had no idea what it was. You got me with the Peppa Pig comparison. I have a six year old and a two year old, and feel that I have sat through more than enough Peppa Pig for one lifetime.

My daughter and I watched like three episodes of Gravity Falls years ago, when the Disney Channel was still available on basic(ish) cable in Japan. We had a good time with it then, but she's old enough now to be able to appreciate it more!

seconding Ducktales as pretty great. impressive voice cast, fun visual styling, solid adventure-y feel. I've only seen episodes when my partner is watching it, but I know our own Alex Jaffe is also a fan.

@“esper”#p50687 that's enough of an endorsement for me! original Duck Tales was one of my all time faves as a kid.

also it turns out the entire series of The X-Files is on there! i'm tempted to do a re-watch, but wonder if it will live up to my childhood memories.

Regarding Bluey, if you have a VPN somewhere don‘t pay Disney just to see it (I didn’t know it was on Disney+ even)

VPN yourself over here to Australia, then watch it courtesy of our public broadcaster - the ABC