Jul '23 Monthly Game Club (Summer Special) - OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast

I‘m a few days late getting this thread going, but better late than never! For the month of July, we’re not rolling the die and instead are doing a Summer Special. Break out the beach balls and sun lotion, it's time for OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast.

Here's what @"Mnemogenic"#750 has to say about it:


It’s an obvious one. But we could do the obvious one.

OR2006:C2C is a 2006 driving game for PS2, Xbox, PSP, and Windows.


What version are you going to play? Any memories of this game from years past?

See you out there on the road!

Here‘s some purple text related to the PS2 USA release, and here’s some purple text related to the PS2 Euro release.

I for some reason have the OSX version and it works on my OSX 10.12 Mac, so maybe it will work on your more recent model?

Anyways Coast 2 Coast is in my top 10 games of all time and it will never leave. But I also have all that love because I have the XBOX version and use it's custom soundtrack. I will maybe figure out how to post my Outrun Mix, but in the meantime, know that everytime I fire the game up, this is the song that plays


What I am saying is the Electroclash is the sound of Outrun to me.

The PC version is abandonware and can be downloaded no issues. Make sure to download the FXT mod as well.


If I had known I was going to be quoted in the big post I might have said something a little more substantial lmao; I kinda didn't think the conversation would end there.

Anyway, heck yeah Outrun 2006. I'll be playing the abandonware PC version with that FTX mod. Seemed to run like a dream. So far I've just booted it and played a bit, and I already feel it calling me back. Good game. Looking forward to a summery good time.

EDIT 2: Well nevermind. I fixed it with joytokey, then turned joytokey off and it's still fixed. No idea what's going on. Afraid to touch any config settings anymore.

EDIT: Okay, maybe without the FTX mod. For whatever reason, it broke my steering, specifically. Navigating menus with the stick/dpad is fine, but I can't steer. Everything else is completely fine. I've tried troubleshooting it a bit, making sure that it's detecting the right controller, messing with various overrides, but I can't fix it. Anyone else happen to run into this? I would like to use the mod if possible because it seems very nice otherwise. I suppose it's possible it just might not play nice with my 8bitdo pro 2. The base game was cool with it though.

i play this all the time on my PSTV! it‘s an ok version, it has all the stuff in as far as i know but it doesn’t run as perfectly smooth as other versions. sometimes i wiff a drift because the game stutters and that's annoying, as opposed to whiffing a drift on an arcade cab because you suck and the tokens cost too much in the trendy barcade.

i don't think i have much more to say about the game as a whole that wasn't said in [the classic old-school actionbutton piece](https://web.archive.org/web/20160313045659/http://www.actionbutton.net/?p=396). there's also [this gross but funny piece on RPS](https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/s-exe-outrun-2006) that makes reference to our boy.

great video game! one of the best!

good times being had, sideways

@“Mnemogenic”#p122986 Sorry if this is obvious but did you run the FXT config and save your setting before running the game? And are you running the FXT exe instead of the regular exe? I ran into both of these problems before haha

Also is your Pro 2 on the right mode? I think you can switch it between xinput, dinput etc...I've always used the mod with xinput.

@“sabertoothalex”#p123038 Yep! I did all that stuff. Tried to follow the readme closely when I was setting it up. Still no idea what I might‘ve done to fix it, but I’ll just count my blessings.

The only complaint about Coast 2 Coast I can even imagine is I wish it had the bonus tracks from Outrun 2.

FYI - if you only have a PC and want to play on a CRT, the game looks great with a 480i scan converter at 720x480.

I recorded some footage playing from my Steam Deck. This is the Windows version - not emulated:

Here is my 480i scan converter:

Edit: Some pics

oh i played the heck out of this on steam for years. recently i tried to do some of the newfangled updates and stuff people made and while trying to improve the framerate i accidentally made the game run way too fast!

anyway i wanted to try it in a different way for this month. i've got crts but no way to play it on them at the moment (ps2 broken, no xbox, am i forgetting an option?), so i knew there was one and only one option for me!!


i didn‘t remember this but it is preposterous that you don’t start with a red car

I'm gonna try this on PC with the FXT mod. I have it on my PS2 SSD but OPL seems to have trouble running it - needs some game modes active to avoid audio glitches and it always eventually crashes

Oh also note for PC version since I saw a mention of it running too fast: the game’s framerate is tied to your monitor’s refresh rate. If you have a monitor set to above 60hz it will run at a higher speed than it should. First time I booted it up on my 120hz monitor it sure was shocking!!

Man being sideways is the best

Inspired by the video and photos over in the CRT thread, I decided it was time to get CRT-Royale working in PCSX2.

PCSX2 has some bulit-in post-processing effects, but they are ... rudimentary. I spent some time playing around with all the options and settings available in crt-royale, and (for now!) have ended up with something that looks like this:

I probably still need to twist all the knobs and dials further, but it is looking _okay_ at least. That video probably looks awful at anything other than full screen, I imagine resizing combined with youtube compression will cause all sorts of artifacts.

[size=11]please ignore the awful driving[/size]

@“sabertoothalex”#p123072 yuuuuuppppp it's very hard and scary that fast!!!

@"Mnemogenic"#p123104 crazy how much less tense I get in this game once I kick the back out, like im safer when I'm sliding. when Jennifer is like "cut the lines!" im like can u just ask me to drift again instead PLEASE JENNIFER

EDIT her name isn't Jennifer is it hoo boy do I have egg on my face

@“Brett”#p122927 Honestly one of the best video games ever created in my opinion. Really wish I still had my PS2 copy! Might have to get the PC version.

Really excited for anyone who's about to experience this game for the first time.