Anything that pertains to the Japan Victor Company, or VICTOR is what posts here shall contain.



You all already know I represent, for now, OP is sparse


Cassette deck

Bunny suit shooter that makes me a bit uncomfortable and thus doesn't get a thumbs up (mcd one is a boot)

JVC Radio-TV-Cassette Recorder (3060EU)


This one is for @Jax :



“My VHS-tape Home Video Recorder Collection”


Got the same stuff as exodus but opposite colors

The cassette deck is great. I also had a Nakamichi and an NAD that I scooped up when cassettes were out of fashion but when it came time to get rid of extra stuff I kept the JVC.

@“mindleftbody”#p157111 my cassette deck is far more basic. the machines are also getting a bit warbly, I might have to take it in for servicing ;_;

Road Dogg the JVC H-TM1750CG

V has come to.


When I think of JVC it‘s them randomly publishing Sega CD games in the 90’s, including a pretty good version of Fatal Fury Special


I believe this is one of Krikkzz's test benches, nice JVC

I have this on the floor of my closet here