Katsuya Akitomo dropping cool fun facts about Capcom's Marvel history

I found this thread translating another thread by former Capcom artist Katsuya Akitomo, discussing their time working on the Marvel series. As a huge fan of Capcom‘s 90s’ era art direction, reading through this really made my day … month … hell, year! Sharing it so other fans don't miss it. :smile:


Based [off this](https://www.reddit.com/r/salty/comments/jlkvxj/marvel_vs_capcom_history_lesson/)


Here‘s a twitter thread that’s translating it. No idea if it‘s a GOOD translation, but it’s something!


The translations themselves should be fine, there are just some posts earlier in the thread where I accidentally embedded the same source tweet for multiple translated quotes.

I did catch one error re: the Spider-Pig/Norimaro comment—Norimaro killed their appetite for gag characters in general, he didn't "take the slot"... after a zillion tweets in a row I lost track of the timeline and forgot which game was which.

@gsk#8820 I greatly appreciate you taking the time to go through it all and translate. The CPS2 era of Capcom is some of my favorite art direction in games, and I always felt Capcom's art department “Out Marveled Marvel” with this series. Any information that leaks out about what was happening behind the scenes is really valuable to me. Thanks! :slight_smile: