Kurt Feldman Love <3

Why don‘t they play the chill tunes from the soundtrack? They’re so cute and comfy!

Also, listen to Ice Choir and Depreciation Guild if you don't already! (Roman a Clef too)

they get in there sometimes! like when there's a solo ep or some other sort of thing… we tried it under more of our stuff but some of the panelists thought it sounded too busy. we could try it again!

I love Esper’s ‘wahoo’ after their name at the end of each show, but then it’s always Kurt Feldman’s turn and every time I feel like the little pause after his name should be filled with a cool guitar move or something.

@“billy”#p100017 hmm, that‘s a good point. I’ll ask him!

Was just listening to the podcast soundtrack driving home the other day (I refuse to use YouTube Music but luckily there's good stuff on Bandcamp) and I was reminded of some good PSX Persona tunes



The IC soundtrack bumps in the whip

Sound track elevates

Out of curiosity, is anyone going to the Depreciation Guild show (as part of New Colossus) on March 8? Feels like it could be an IC get-together moment

y'all should do it and high five kurt

@“Kite006”#p106667 oh, heck! I didn‘t realize they were back together! I saw them thirteen (!!) years ago with Wild Nothing in Brooklyn–superb show. I hadn’t heard of New Colossus, I‘ll see if I can make it! I’ll be the one up in the front yelling “play violenceisland.mp3!”


I think it's just a one-off show (some kind of record label anniversary), so they might or might not keep on jammin. But you saw em in their prime most likely, that's amazing/I'm jealous! It is pretty strange that it's roped into New Colossus (it's been goin on for a few years now, not sure how long it stretches back), but hey we'll take what we can get - too bad it's only available for those of us in NYC/tri-state area (but that includes Jaffe and Tim, who may or may not be at the Girl God show on the same Day I'm guessing).

Anyone listened to Kurt's episodes on Fortune Kit? Pretty interesting stuff, especially “fixing” popular songs.

I just love how much the regular Feldman tracks for Insert Credit sound like CD tracks from PC Engine games. I could totally see the two major IC themes in a LaserSoft/Telenet game.