Lack of Dutch Crunch in The Covid era

@Jtwo#8440 maybe once The Covid Era ends and Dutch Crunch returns to this world I‘ll set out on a quest to try it. (Though according to others on here, apparently Dutch Crunch never left. I’ll have to look for it the next time I get groceries.)

@whatsarobot#8432 Nah, the best Bagels in the world are in Antwerp Belgium at a place called Brooklyn Bagel.

@Fishie#8476 Man, I would be surprised if that's true, but if I am ever in Belgium, I will be happy to be proven wrong!

Mr. Pickles sandwiches on Dutch Crunch imo

@sabertoothalex#8495 Side rant, kinda whack that Mr. Pickles does not give you a pickle on the side for free.

@whatsarobot#8490 Obvious joke obviously not obvious enough. The fact that I said it is called Brooklyn(where I personally feel I had the best bagels ever) should have given it away.

@sosadillatron#8436 me thinking about the lengua at Tacos Sinaloa and the egg taco at Tacos Oscar Hell Yeah, Baybee


your silence only proves us correct

California is weird about a lot of stuff but bread never really struck me as one of those

The only weird bread thing here is that bagel places get like Best Of awards and I always go to them and end of thinking they’re not very good. Good bagels are rare here. There’s a place called Beauty’s out here that everyone used to love(they make Montreal bagels) but I thought was only okay. Apparently they changed owners sometime during the pandemic and lost whatever touch people liked about them before.

people from California are always going to the beach and saying stuff like ‘far out.’ Don't get me started on those people and their whole bread thing

It's hard not to be weird about stuff as a californian when the empty-feeling suburb your girlfriend grew up in has an equal or larger population than 8 of the states in the union.

I think about that stuff sometimes, especially re: the electoral college!!

(the suburb is San Jose, CA, BTW)

@exodus#8566 This suddenly turned into Bay Area MEMEs and we're picking on San Jose. :rofl:

... but yeah, you're not alone.

Trader Joe’s handmade tortillas are a top 10 bread.

@exodus#8566 going out on a limb: I think it would be good to do democracy in the USA one of these elections. We'll see how it goes, just spitballing here

the lack of dutch crunch and forcefully-argued and credibly-held policy proposals that address the material concerns of the public that the “good” democratic party claim to care about during the covid era

I had to google both dutch crunch and tiger bread in order to know what were you talking about, my personal take in the discussion is


Also I didn't check if someone already made the joke before me, this is full yolo and I don't apologize

I did it!!!

@JoJoestar#8839 I demand an apology, wonderbread for instance is not bread

@Fishie#8941 I don‘t know what is that either and this time I’m not gonna google it on principle because pretty sure it's bread.

EDIT: I googled it and it's bread

this is the closest thing to a politics thread on this forum

"dutch crunch" is metalepsis for...something...I'm pretty sure

Sure, wonderbread has it's problems, but................