Last Letter Game - Games in your collection

Thought I‘d try starting a new game thread. You’re probably familiar with the Last Letter Game. Basically the first player picks a word (or a game title in this case), and then the next player needs to post a game who‘s title starts with the letter the last game’s titled ended with.

For example:

Bonk's Adventure


Def Jam: Fight for NY

To make it a bit interesting, participants will need to post a picture of the game to keep the chain going.

I'll start: MRC: Multi-Racing Championship




(Really wish I owned [this game]( just so I could fuck with the thread later on.)

@KennyL#19874 was looking forward to subversion of the obvious kirby

My favorite PS2 game of all time, PAL Spain version.


@JoJoestar#19890 O is hard! I suppose Octopath Traveler would be the obvious choice but I don’t own that. This is like… kind of cheating?

@CidNight#19892 There is AT LEAST one pretty popular franchise from Capcom also on the PS2 that could help us getting out of this mess, but someone needs to own a copy of that!

EDIT: oh! and of course the super iconic driving game from Sega as well. I guess it's not as hard after all!

@CidNight#19892 (Sukeban Shachou Rena)