Laudable magazine ads (probably sfw)

At this point I've come across enough of these old ads to know that they are not all bad. I figured there should be a separate thread to post gems like “I'm not BOY

Here's a pretty charming one I was reminded of the other day:

I love how intense and "mature" this ad wants to be.

I wasn‘t sure in which thread to share this because this isn’t laughable nor terrible, but this rules so much!

(5 months later edit: I have dyslexia so all this time I though this threat was for "laughable magazine ads", oops!)

@“穴”#p41049 What a great looking ad! The format is so convincing it took my mind a minute to reconcile what exactly I was looking at. Either way, glad you chose this thread :slight_smile:

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not a magazine ad but i didn’t know where to post this. found it in the box for a much simpler calculator while clearing out my gradfather’s house. never seen these before[upl-image-preview url=//]

nothing like kicking back after a hard day of doing complex operations on the calculator at my accounting firm and sitting down to tackle some puzzles… and on the same device! it’s a calculator that says you mean business, but also you’re ready to have fun.

@“tombo”#p63034 ok but can it run drug wars?

I couldn't decide which of the threads to post this one in

praise Him

tan arms followers = catholic

blue arms followers = protestant

@““I thought lethal weapon was safe…yeah.””#p71160 rayman followers = atheist?

@“kory”#p71193 rayman fans are definitely going to hell (I don't actually mean this)

I always loved the paper mario magazine ad

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just happened across this one. it's pretty classy.

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Yeah buddy - hook my face up to a PS2

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This is my favorite