Lee Scratch Perry 1936-2021

Lee Scratch Perry was arguably the most influential and prolific musician of the last 50 years. He passed away this week, so I figured we should make a thread where people can share their favorite records of his.


I mostly listened to the early upsetters stuff - I particularly enjoy the weird horror vibe they had going on with the sketches and how it compares to the peppier music. It took me a while to get it, really. Plus all those early albums are named after/adjacent to spaghetti westerns.



Django Shoots First feels like the beginning of modern reggae to me AND the beginning of postmodern reggae. He also of course pushed and pioneered the dub genre. Dude really had it all in his head. I never saw him perform despite growing up seeing LEE "SCRATCH" PERRY advertised on posters on telephone poles through the bay area all my life, which I guess I do regret now. I didn't really get into his stuff until maybe 2010, but I thought I wasn't ENOUGH into it to see him live.

Anyway I think we can all agree: he was pretty good at music.

I remember reading in like 2009 that the baby crying in this song was the first instance of a non-musical sample (or maybe even the first real sample of any kind?). It‘s also a diss track where he’s calling his target a baby, he crushed this guy all the way back in 1968. Before hearing this I thought he only made heavy dub music, which I loved but this showed me his other sides. RIP to the king


rest in peace


@“exodus”#p42073 a lot of my fav reggae / dub is the more gothic / dark / horror vibed out joints


yeah, the genres really work together in a way I didn't appreciate as a younger person. I think it took like… italian horror film scores for me to understand it. dude was already on another level before I was born.

rip :crown:


thought I’d go with a different vibe

playlist i got for being a goth on the beach. lots of perry on here https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2I2buKC8KaTMOXbaMGm95j?si=39227179534a44ca


Birth Name: Rainford Lee Perry


Also Known As: Pipecock Jackson

This has been making the rounds on Japan-related social media lately: the time Lee Perry wrote a letter to Tokyo's minister of justice to try and help Paul McCartney when he got busted for weed possession in Japan.

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/wZJiypo.jpeg]

God-tier dude, Lee Perry.