Let's Mod a Playstation Classic!

A while back I bought a Playstation Classic on eBay for $40. When it arrived I used the wrong type of power adapter (or something) and the system would not recognize the controllers. I never got to try it. I took it apart and it's been this way ever since:


What should I do with it? Consider this a blank canvas. Does anyone have anything they want me to try with it? I don't know anything about modding except that Bleemsync is involved. But if anyone knows how I can turn it into a Saturn or any kind of weird business, I'm up for anything!

Maybe this can be the 'Insert Credit PS Classic' if we turn it into something cool. After I play with it for a bit I'd be happy to send it to someone else who could send it to someone else...and on and on. Or maybe, @exodus, you guys could give it away on the Patreon when I'm done with it, perhaps. I don't know, let's have fun!

I finished a 3D puzzle recently and rather than keeping it in our small apartment in a box like some weird trophy I boxed it up and shipped it to a friend. That felt like $10-15 extra well spent because I cleared some space, embraced letting go, and doubled the amount of imaginary fun points that the puzzle held because my friend gets to enjoy it too. It was much more rewarding than reselling it on eBay. Or in the case of my PS Classic here, getting a refund.

If nothing else, I would at least like to get the thing working if anyone can help. Thanks!

Just a small question. By modding do you mean physically modding it or just the software? If it‘s the physical thing itself it’d be cool to turn it into some in game item or element that had some significance like, I don‘t know, a SotN save point? Or maybe some rpg’s? Of course, it should be something from a game released on the system…


@JoJoestar#8096 Yeah I mean mod it electronically to make it do whatever we want….but we could also do whatever we want with how it looks too

Use Retroboot

I primarily use the Final Burn Neo core and a PS4 arcade stick to turn the system into a CPS 1 / 2 / 3, Neo Geo and other 90's arcade machine. The CPS 3 stuff is actually great as I finally played through Red Earth / Warzard that way.

The machine is very fiddly though and you have to use just the right USB sticks plugged into port 2 to get the hack to work. Here

This [USB stick ](https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BX5FOCK)

And [this hub](https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07NQ2NTDV/) to use two controllers in the first port have worked for me.

I think this is a real cool idea - I guess you could put a mister of some sort in there and turn it into something else, or raspberry pi it - I like the idea of functionally turning it into a saturn, but I think that's tough with existing tech!!

There are also some really cool shells out there that you could look at, making it something like @Neko's "clears" series... I am not a modder myself, but I definitely support you doing this and would love to do a giveaway of some kind with it? maybe you could brainstorm in here??