Listen to the podcast helps me sleep

Whenever I cant fall asleep I put my airpods and put a random episode, it works every time. Am i the only one? Not saying it out of disrespect or that ir makes me bored but genuinely helps me sleep…. Also sometimes it gives me some weird dreams which I wont mention here.

Edit: I mean i do listen to it when im actively engaging with it as well not just for sleep purposes! Dont want to offend anyone

[“Listen the podcast to help me sleep”,“Listen to the podcast helps me sleep”]

I can understand this, there is a WH40k channel on YouTube that I enjoy listening to, but I’ll also put on old episodes at night sometimes to fall asleep to.

Listening to the podcast as I go to sleep is pretty much my standard method of consumption. It takes me several days of picking up from where I trailed off to listen to a new episode. Those marathon ranking episodes are like week long endeavors.

the horrible buzzer doesnt give you any trouble?

@“yeso”#p158075 hahah not really! I think once you are used to it its not that much of a distraction, i also put the volume quite low just enough to barely hear.

What would be nice if apple would do a special pair of airpods that dont bother you when you sleeping on your side and have an ear on top of the pillow

@“yeso”#p158075 For me the buzzer can be occasionally jarring. The source of most jolting awakenings definitely goes to Tim laughing histrionically.

So I do this almost every night. Either listen to a podcast or old let's plays to fall asleep.

Only issue is wearing headphones while you fall asleep kind of sucks. Does anyone have any good sleepy headphone recommendations that they've used?

wait is anyone doing this with a spouse/partner sleeping next to them? Don’t mean to get too personal just thinking through the implications here

no judgement and not my business of course

My mom does this



@"yeso"#p158084 yes i do it and we sleep together with my spouse. Actually she is the one that insists when she sees me unable to fall asleep for ages. Thats why I use airpods.


I used to sleep to the TV but my wife thought this was insane so now I don't sleep to the TV. Just the blaring quiet of the night.

@yeso Not currently, but with past partners I would just put in one earbud when listening to stuff.

Thinking about it now, I guess falling asleep to people talking has been a long ritual for me. From like age ten on I fell asleep to the local news, David Letterman or Conan O'Brien. That's transitioned to podcasts now.

no I meant specifically listening to the insert credit podcast when your beloved wife/whatever is beside you

Love is a horrible buzzer in my ear

is there no concern about operant conditioning?

@“edward”#p158089 I recommend getting an air purifier. It cleans up your zone while also being a white noise machine

I usually sleep to Vinesauce, brutalmoose, or iceberg videos. Woken up to some weird circumstances, thats for sure.

might have to start putting together special Sleepy Mix versions of the show with loud sounds edited out for the patreon…