Looking for early 3D chat room Rose

So I have been looking for this 3D virtual chatroom program I remember from my childhood called Rose. I confirmed with my mom that it was real, she and her friends and my grandma used to love it. I remember it consisting of early 3D graphical rooms with humanoid avatars. You could put pictures on the walls of your room and chat with people and make your avatar do poses. There was even some kind of menu where you could make your own custom poses and animations frame by frame.

I cannot, for the life of me, find a trace of this on the Internet. I know I once was able to, many years ago. Does anyone here know what I'm talking about? And if so can you point me to more info on what this was?

Edit: I should mention that this would likely have been sometime during the 90s.

I played an MMORPG called ROSE Online when I was younger. I don't remember the exact chat or animation features, but most people that I knew mostly treated it as an online hangout space.

Could that be what you're talking about?

If that's not it… when was your childhood?

@oprel#20662 Definitely not it. My apologies I thought I had specified that this must have been from the 90s.

Thanks for posting though, I appreciate the input!

Hmmm, interesting! Did it look anything like Microsoft V-Chat?


@oprel#20706 kind of, similar level of graphics I think but it wasn‘t a large open space, it was enclosed rooms. And I’m not sure if there was a first person perspective or not, but I am pretty sure you could see it from third person. This is reminiscent of it though.

Try r/Tipofmyjoystick !

@TheBeigeKnight#20714 i only remember cybertown.

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@exodus#20807 in this cyber-economy?

There‘s worlds.com, the original 3D chat room – it’s been around since the mid 1990s and is still running today! The client app actually still runs in Win10. Their history is kind of interesting as they‘re one of the few 1.0 net companies that has continued to exist primarily as a vehicle for IP lawsuits. They have a page that lists their various patents pertaining to “3D multi server worlds”, and their most recent successful suit was against Bungie in 2018. (You’ll notice one Bernie Stolar listed on the board, where have we heard that name before?) Since worlds.com is public, they still file quarterly reports with the SEC – looks like their holdings are around $15mil USD.

Anyways, they regularly pop up in creepypasta about secret internet cults meeting in spooky abandoned virtual rooms. I do think it was the first experience a lot of people had with a persistent interactive online space.


@Neko#20802 love to be in chat rooms in 1998 responding “hehehe” to jokes

One could call this game archeology…

Videogame people do, but ‘archaeology’ isn't a word you apply to investigating recent history.

@sdate#20874 yeah this Roomancer stuff definitely sounds like it and looks similar to how I remember it. It was a long time ago and I was just a kid at the time so I don‘t remember it as well as I’d like to but I will run all these posts by my mom and see if she can confirm this is it. I will report back later today!

Thanks everyone for looking into this, I really appreciate it! This has been really fascinating, these old programs like this seem easy to lose track of since they aren't like, a proper game without a community of people engaging in them. Can't help but wonder how many more things like this were out there and have maybe been totally forgotten.

My mom has confirmed that it was Roomancer!

Thanks so much everyone for helping me track this down! Big thanks in particular to @sdate for trawling the Usenet and putting this one together!

I knew I could count on the Insert Credit forums, you guys rock!