Low-Poly Reality

Simmons SDS-V

@kory#28526 I assume (and pray) that you’ve just got this as a photoshop template ready to fire up at a moment’s notice.

@CidNight#28543 One button Chrome extension, quite handy

From the [Frank Stella exhibition](https://thealdrich.org/exhibitions/frank-stellas-stars-a-survey) at the Aldrich Museum in CT I visited last week


Great little gallery, highly recommended if you find yourself in that area

@kory#28557 I’m always in the area of CT, since I live there! What town is this in?

@CidNight#28560 Ridgefield, CT—lovely little town. I’ve been up a few times to visit a friend who moved out there years ago, quite a change of pace from NYC.

@kory#28571 that there’s the boonies my friend!



@copySave#26015 For starters here is Tesla Cybertruck:

They started selling them in New Zealand a [few months ago.](https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/toyota/listing/2853358239)


@hellomrkearns#29598 lol we had some Mac program in shop/tech class where you drew a car in 2D side view and it calculated how aerodynamic it would be and it's top speed etc. I guess Aston Martin had the same program back in the day.

Is that an actual class that other people had? If you took shop class in my middle school the semester got divided in half with one half traditional shop class making stuff out of wood and the other tech lab where you played with the grownup Legos or used the 90s Mac photoshop equivalent to write "Black Hole Sun" on top of a piece of clip art or play SimCity or something

@thebryanjzx90#29653 Not quite the same, but all sophomores in my high school (10th grade) were required to take a technical drafting class. This necessitated carrying around a giant T-square pretty much at all times–it conveniently slotted into the little loop on the top of my backpack, so as a bonus I got to feel like a wandering nerd ronin. As a double bonus, it easily distinguished you as a sophomore, sparing you from heckling by seniors on the absolutely wretched unofficial holiday of “Freshmen Friday.”

@hellomrkearns#29598 I remember when it was called the Dome Zero


This thing appeared in earlier Gran Turismo games for good reason.

@thebryanjzx90#29653 yes! we had the same (or similar) game/program in my high school shop class. That would have been in 2001 and it seemed really out of date by then. I feel like it could have been this?




There are [other versions on Archive.org](https://archive.org/search.php?query=%22car%20builder%22&and[]=mediatype%3A%22software%22 ) as well
Shop for us was half a semester auto shop, half semester wood shop. I feel really lucky we had that opportunity. Not sure they have those on offer anymore.


@hellomrkearns#29714 Yeah I think that‘s it! I’m remembering it being a white background and black text, so it looks like I was right we did have it on Mac.

I wish we had actual auto shop available as a class that would have been great.

saw these parrots at a bar last night

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/3lWCkFq.jpeg]

Spotted in midtown Manhattan:

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/3o5Bw4j.jpeg]

Higher poly model failed to load as I approached

I'm sure someone who plays FFXIV will get this: