Low-Poly Reality

So we all love early 3D stuff with reduced polygons right? (Right!)

So what are some examples of this that exist in the real world?

For starters here's this [fighty boat](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Zumwalt):

@copySave#26015 the B-2 and F-117 stealth bombers are nice gifts to early flight sim 3D modelers!



Also, the IX-529 experimental stealth ship


by coincidence I recently bought a new chair bc it looked low poly (and was on sale)


@yeso#26022 is it comfortable?

Burns-Weill SS bass

@tomjonjon#26024 7/10, probably not enough polygons to be really comfortable

@billy#26025 I'll add this Dean ZX to compliment

Headstock is pointier than a Gibson Explorer

just imagine every curved bit is a texture. this is a pretty PS1-esque automobile.


Love these little Cony vehicles - would have been a great PS1 themed racer


@treefroggy#26100 dummy thicc

Disney's alter to become our future world overlords (aka EPCOT) fits the bill



doggie water bowl and bats




Also references, the flat good boy from Ace Combat 7 discussed at length on these forums.


@yeso#26022 who makes this chair??!

@fetus8#28528 the Minneapolis based furniture company: blu dot (no one make fun of my bourgeois chair- it was heavily discounted when I bought it thanks)