Mario Maker (2) LVLs


I bought that smm2 as a Christmas gift for myself, and I find it kind of underwhelming to be honest. I figured this would be a good place to try to recoup my (full price) investment in this digital toyset with some cool stuff

My singular contribution to get this started is a slightly sarcastic and slightly spiteful level that's basically just a hard earned numerical joke inspired by Celeste and my own appreciation for action games that understand my own negative self view


Living without any kind of decent internet at the moment due to a lengthy house move, but I will definitely play this when I can and share some of my own.

how about some of those levels that just kill you…anyone who has any of those please post em here. i love em!!!

Oh cool! I made a few levels back when the game came out, but only uploaded two of them.

The first one is **"Flip-Block Mansion,"** and was my attempt at trying to make some kind of metroidvania level centered around flip-blocks. Branching paths that become accessible as you collect abilities, sequence breaks for people really paying attention, things like this. I think it was a fine enough attempt, but there's only so much that can be done in this game. **Code: MX2-FR2-P1G**

The second one is a more standard level, just kinda exploring different ways to use the new icicle obstacles, called **"Icicles, Spikecicles!"** I remember making this one live on a stream getting some input from the chat, which was a pretty fun experience. Might do that again some time. **Code: 80H-PCR-6MG**

@“Funbil”#p37366 I played both of these! I liked the flip block one a ton, very good microcosm of a Metroidvania.

The spikes one was chill too. I found it hilarious that the most difficult screen that you have to traverse can be avoided so simply. I only figured that out on a second playthrough (after taking about 20 tries on the vertical screen).

If you don‘t already know, there’s a yearly Mario Maker celebration where a bunch of makers come together and cook up a bunch of high quality levels. Currently, 5YMM is going on (, and last year was 4YMM ( The previous years were in the original Mario Maker, so unless ya own that, you‘re out of luck. The Mario Maker reddit has good levels sometimes, although that seems to be dying down a bit…

As for my own levels, I only really have one decent one, which is ’Bridgelands 1' (CV1-JL4-RLG) (there was never a Bridgelands 2).

Now for level reviews!

Goat Time
was interesting, uh
platforming with only blocks and no enemies is something I kinda like, though, so that's nice
Flip-Block Mansion
made me sad ghost houses in actual Mario games are weird half puzzle half trick levels instead of mini metroidvanias. I cut it a bit close with the timer, and I'm not sure if you're supposed to get into the green pipe by jumping of Yoshi (if so, some indication the pipe is there would be nice), but besides that it was great!
Icicles, Spikecicles
was a great, standard Mario level that used icicles and skewers in some interesting ways! The part where you have to make icicles drop so a skewer can break blocks, and the whole downwards section near the end were my favorite parts.

I hadn’t played Mario Maker in forever, but I just made this level while listening to a podcast:

[upl-image-preview url=]

I've no idea whether this still exists or whether Nintendo has deleted it but I made a very easy-going STG level on launch.


I haven't touched the game in quite some time but I can easily be persuaded to get stuck in again.

My levels are “hard” in the sense you need knowledge of game mechanics, and occasionally meta community stuff like indicators. I‘m not super amazing at the game, but I’ve watched countless hours and unavoidably carried that knowledge into making levels when I finally picked the game up. I encourage everyone to at least check em out!

Down the Drain: HJD-147-BLF
Smb3 level featuring the leaf power up. I wanted to make a custom autoscroll level, they're a level type super under represented.

Those Squirrely Thwomps: 8FR-T33-L4G
This is my favorite level I've made, probably. The squirrel suit power up is rad, and Celeste inspired me to do something with it and thwomps. I didn't succeed in making so.ething like Celeste, but I think it's a pretty cool level.

@“RubySunrise”#p73239 I replayed my own levels tonight. They're uh… pretty finicky. I still like em though. Maybe you will, too!

I played these levels last night, just a couple quick thoughts:

@"saddleblasters"#p73204 Bite-sized level. I liked what was there though. I like the game description a lot.

@"LeFish"#p73227 Nice, breezy level. I did die though, when the autoscroll ramps up right at the tail-end of the level.

@"RubySunrise"#p73239 A lot of nice, creative jumps. Too tough for me to beat in one sitting though. The thwomps don't seem to aggro consistently for me, so it made that part feel like a matter of chance.

Here's a level of mine: HP8-SPJ-R1H I try to make my levels somewhat tough but fair (no kaizo-type stuff) and this is probably the easiest one. Open to all comments whether you all love it or hate.


@“Herb”#p73301 The thwomps don’t seem to aggro consistently for me, so it made that part feel like a matter of chance.

I agree. I remember that happening to me in play testing a lot. For some reason I wasn't willing to change it or scrap that part. There are some issues after that, too, but more about visibility due to the autoscroll.

Thanks for checking it out!

I played all the levels in here!

Getting all the coins in one run is difficult, but I like this type of level so I did it. NICE

Flip-Block Mansion is such a fun level! I was so into the exploration I actually timed out during my first attempt. I haven't found any sequence break or the secret exit, but I want to. I usually don't like this type of level (in Mario Maker, love this type of game) but the platforming in this one is actually fun.

Icicles, Spikescicles I found pretty frustrating! That's ice levels for ya. The second half of the level felt very trial and error to me. I must've missed the easy way @dylanfills found. Lots of clever combinations of the levels elements here, though. Very creative!

This level is hilarious and I had a good time.

This was cool. I liked how parts of it felt overwhelming but there was always a way through. The clown car is so darn floaty that it's not very fun for me, but that's not your fault.

I played all your levels! I did not beat MFL: Mario Night Football because I did not understand what to do at the end. My favorite is the Frog suit level, lots of dramatic moments in that one!

I'm working on a new level myself! Going for something more traditional and less SMM2 "meta" focused.

Short traditional level, Bros. vs. Bros. with a little clear-condition twist.


@“RubySunrise”#p74442 Thanks for giving them a shot. Just goes to further show me how much of a hard time I have recognizing pain points for players. To beat the level you have to carry the football(red shell) to the goal. When you get to the goal post you kick the football up into the field-goal shaped basket(sort of imitating kicking an extra point) and that lets you cross the goal.

Was the initial vertical portion of the frog suit level annoying? I want it to be slightly challenging, but I feel like it might be a bit too stressful and need some of the spike block removed to reduce player friction. Hard to know though, wish Mario Maker would let you watch replays to be able to pick up on how players are engaging with levels.

@“Herb”#p74487 I couldn't figure out how to keep the shell after hitting the switch to kill bowser and get to the goal post.

In the frog suit level I actually had more trouble in the bottom half of the vertical section. I thought the top half was fine. It's a pretty binary "jump" or "don't jump" and it was fun to be forced to make a quick read and choose.

Reconstructed level replays would be incredible!!

@“RubySunrise”#p74500 Ah, okay got ya. You have to kick the shell to activate the switch and be standing in the dotted box area so that the shell bounces off Mario's head on the return, which makes it so you can pick the shell back up. I tried using the game description to communicate that idea as well as the bouncy block koopa section with the arrows at the start. I was worried that picking up on that could be a common problem with the level. I probably just need to scrap that level completely.

@“Herb”#p74547 ah I get it. See, for the first switch I jumped up and knocked the shell forward with my helmet in order to get it back.

I do like the theme a lot. All the yard lines, the scoreboard, works well. If only they had Charging Chuck in this game.

Played your new level earlier. It has whatever that genuine Mario level feel is, which I mean as the best kind of compliment. Liked it so well I had to get the speed run time on it.