Mars after Midnight; Lucas Pope has gone and done it again!


It's me, Buy-Frank-Lewd-Mags. When I'm not stretching a joke way too far, I like to sit back and play video games. And I want to bring your attention to a game very few will have the chance to play: *Mars After Midnight*. Lucas Pope, of *Papers, Please* and *Return of the Obra Dinn* has given us the only PlayDate game that's worth recommending outside of wether or not you want the console.


It's funny, in a Elise Gravel sort-of-way, it's fun, it's clever, it's a great video game.

I often play video games with the repetitive beeps and boops, as Ms. Buy-Frank-Lewd-Mags is fond of calling them. This time, I was playing the game and she said it sounded neat. Lucas Pope, you sly dog, you gone did it again.


Should you buy a PlayDate to play this game? For the first time since owning this yellow devil and playing many of its games, the answer is *maybe ...?*


Now this is how you start a thread.

I played this at pax! It was tough to tell whether there was more to this than identifying mutant features and stacking plates efficiently. I assume… There is?

I bought this but haven‘t had the chance to play it yet. It seems like a sillier Papers, Please and I’m entirely OK with that.

@“exodus”#p158055 Not so far, no. There‘s a horn sometimes, or a zoom feature. You play a couple of sessions and you’re happy. Just like @“LeFish”#p158068 said, it's a sillier Papers, Please.