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right now me and my wife are at place once featured on bar rescue

i thought about posting this in the “goofy stuff from your life” thread, but i thought what the hell, haven’t we all been to some places in our favorite art pieces?

so this thread is for those who have been to the kabukichos of the world and beyond. i would love to see your photos.

this is also my first time making a thread so i figured i’d make a really intuitive title.

I went on top of the kof bridge!


This is probably the most famous quasi-identifiable place I have been in person:


@“Gaagaagiins”#p156997 what movie or other media was this in? I don‘t think I’ve seen it in anything. classic statue for sure!

Like about a zillion other people, I‘ve hung out with the Hachiko statue. It’s so popular, both for-realsies as well as a feature for any game set in Tokyo, that I'm not sure it should even count. Same with the Tower Records store – although I did think of TWEWY specifically when I went there.

i used to live on the same block as the american football house. not very impressive in real life—so much so that i never even took a picture.


@“exodus”#p157000 what movie or other media was this in? I don’t think I’ve seen it in anything. classic statue for sure!

The media in question would probably just be social media, really. It was from a bygone era of memes where you didn't need a non-sequitor caption or accompanying buzzphrase or anything like that for something to be a meme, you'd just see that statue with no text in an imgur gallery or floating around on its own on 9gag. Earliest reference I can find to it is a link on reddit to an imgur gallery of it from all the way back to 2010!

Although, it was referenced on _Steven Universe,_ surely well after it was well known on the internet:


Perhaps this is pretty well known but it‘s also part of a much, much larger installation of bronze and stone statues in a huge urban park in Oslo called Frogner Park. This statue is just one of over 200 statues of naked humans of many shapes and sizes and ages positioned in weird/funny/symbolic poses and situations, I suppose all meant to convey the full breadth of the human condition and social relations. They’re mostly somewhat oblique in direct meaning (and the man fighting off the babies is one of the more abstract ones), but (mostly) realistic in form. It's really a striking installation! If anyone is ever in Oslo I highly recommend it.

I've been to the scene of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans‘s season one finale but didn’t take any pictures unfortunately.

@“Gaagaagiins”#p157006 yeah, I know about the statue and its garden, it's neat! I was only asking because this thread is about being proximal to physical locations that are referenced in media, so I wondered if there was something I missed (which I guess is stephen universe in this case).


@“exodus”#p157011 I was only asking because this thread is about being proximal to physical locations that are referenced in media, so I wondered if there was something I missed (which I guess is stephen universe in this case).

Nope, I'm just a rebel who is willing to bend the rules to participate in a fun thread!! I'm mad, bad, and dangerous to know

...although, this is not that significant since it's an active public venue still, and I don't have any pictures of myself in there (which is fine because the interior is actually quite boring), I did see Melt Banana at the famous Lee's Palace in Toronto, which is prominently featured in a story arc in _Scott Pilgrim:_


Like most Torontonians I've also been to other locales featured in Scott Pilgrim, but, Lee's Palace is surely the coolest one. Close runners up include [Honest Ed's](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honest_Ed%27s) (rip, it was sold and demolished to build fuckin condos) and [The Cathedral Church of St. James](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cathedral_Church_of_St._James_(Toronto)) The first time I went to that cathedral it had a shockingly creepy basement full of random holy lookin' junk from anywhere between 1 and 6 decades prior just lying around, and a bunch of weird twisting sequences of small rooms and weird low ceiling'd crawl spaces. Then the second time I went there it had an oppressively clean and equally if differently refurbished vibe. Like, it still seemed to retain the weird geometry of the original space and it had been built over as if to seal up the hidden evil of it all.

Anyway back to Lee's Palace. The comic panel probably didn't do it justice either way, but since O'Malley wrote the comic, the mural on the outside of the venue was redone by the same artist, and it is one of the best parts of that stretch of Bloor Street:


That panel of three windows in the middle is indeed a burrito kiosk, I never ate there but, boy, is that ever a location to open a burrito place...

I also just remembered that opening for Melt Banana was one of the weirdest and coolest bands I've ever seen, they were called [Brain Tentacles.](https://braintentacles.bandcamp.com/album/brain-tentacles) They performed (and perhaps still do? Probably not actually, seems their last release was in 2016) as a trio, with a drum kit, ~~a guitar or bass (can't remember which one)~~ electronics, and a baritone saxophone of all things, which is not just a weird third instrument for a noisegrind fusion band, but also probably among the weirdest choice of the conventional line of saxophones to choose from, too.

idk if it’s just my experience but toronto is unique because when movies etc take place there, i feel like the city itself is playing a cameo. for example, i wouldn’t see honest eds (rip) and think “oh it’s the place from the movie!”, rather when i see it on tv i think “oh damn they went to honest eds”

I am #ThinkingAboutWatching Orphan Black because it's actually set in Toronto and the one time I watched it my friends were picking out spots near where we were living from every other shot.

did they really let drake sit on the outside of the CN tower or is that a photo shop?

^ tell me you’re not from the 6 without telling me you’re not from the 6….

yeah sitting on the CN tower like that is just a rite of passage for Toronto kids. Drake didn't invent it

So Halt and Catch Fire, the mid-2010s AMC period show focused on the 1980s and 1990s in computing, was filmed in Atlanta. In the final scene of the final episode of the final season, two characters are sitting in a diner. (Image: slight spoiler if you care about what characters appear in a final scene of a series.)


Some of the background is altered, but the location is obvious to me. It's the original Waffle House. Let's just say I know the location very well. You can see the building in the center of the scene's screenshot on the left side of this photo, as well as a few other elements (a business sign, the utility line). The diner (now a museum) is outside the frame of the photo, to the left.


I am very familiar with a few other locations as well, but this is the one I have a good photo of. (And the photo was taken before I saw the location in the show, to add to the fun.)

This is Mulder and Scully walking out of my local library (playing the role of a hospital). The show was filmed all over the Metro Vancouver area, so obviously I'd been to many of the locations, but this was by far the most exciting to me.

for some reason my wife was not as stoked to see the “yakuza parking lot” as i was