MMO Character Name/Screen Name Hall of Fame

A repository for all the best/funniest character names you see or can remember seeing upon your travels among the Massively Multiplayer Online

Evidence NOT required, but always appreciated.

Memories from my time playing _Final Fantasy XIV,_ screenshots sort of recreated via the character's public Lodestone pages:

[img height=500][/img]

### Tupac'saliv N'serbija

If you're not sure why this one is funny, you are just like me having ran by this person multiple times in my long ago former FFXIV Free Company's housing district and eventually wondering what the hell kind of name it is. So, just read it out in your head a few times...

I think about this one a lot because this is why I know about the whole "Tupac is alive in Serbia" conspiracy.

[img height=500][/img]

### Unregistered Hypercam

I have no way to know if this is the same person but this was the other name me and my friends always laughed at when we ran by the guy. Unregistered Hypercam being a Male Roegadyn, the big buff chunky guy character race, just added to his charm. I think some of my friends talked to him a few times, and he was weirdly friendly (not, like, "weirdly friendly" as in "friendly to an unexpected degree," more like "friendly but like in a weird way") in that way that players who create Male Roegadyn players can often be.

I am a huuuuuge fan of stumbling upon whacked out usernames. Unfortunately I never took screenshots nor can I remember any.

However, not too long ago I was playing PSO2 NGS and I fought Dark Falz with someone named ActionWoman2.0 and they were the coolest person I ever saw. Their getup looked like they came right out of a cyberpunk superhero comic, with bright pink flowing hair and a kickass visor. I wanted nothing more than to go on more adventures with ActionWoman2.0. I sent them a friend request but they never got back to me.

ActionWoman2.0, if you're out there, let's go kill stuff together.

I miss u old friend

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i got invaded and put down in DS1 by burpyplops on christmas day


@“rootfifthoctave”#p93326 i got invaded and put down in DS1 by burpyplops on christmas day

Nothing quite like a traditional Christmas burpyplops

This rules.

I played _WoW_ in a "seriously casual" mode (meaning that I had two L60 characters and had been on a few pick up raids) for a few years. Still, I basically played that game to the exclusion of anything else during that time period and I felt like I just couldn't keep up. Weird mixed feelings about it - but that's not the point of this thread.

I played on the Horde side of the Dunemaul server. So after finishing the Crossroads quest hub, you travel north into contested lands and encounter "Naru" of <House Hinata>. [I can prove that <House Hinata> exists in some capacity right now on Dunemaul]( What I can't prove is that all of the the guild members in <House Hinata> were named after [Love Hina characters]( I know that I saw Shinobu and Makoto traveling with Naru from time to time. I suspect that they were mostly a social guild of friends as I didn't see them in raiding gear.

The members of <House Hinata> were considerably higher level than me when I started my Duskwood quests, and they absolutely did kill me and my pals, but they never seemed to make killing lower level players a primary source of their fun. I kind of got a kick continuing to run across them and only emoting at them (you can't chat cross-faction in old _WoW_) during my time in the game.