Moai in video games 🗿

I run a website cataloguing appearances of Moai in video games. Currently not far away from the magic 1000th :moyai: game!

You can use the site Search, Title List, etc, to see if a game in which you’ve spotted a Moai is already listed. If you’ve found a game that isn’t listed, please post a full screen grab of it in this thread!



If you zoom into Easter Island in Europa Universalis IV you can see some Moai. It’s also a “Great Project” that brings you prestige and used as a picture for south pacific flavor events.


Oh cool! I’ve been following you for a bit ever since I think The Video Game Soda Machine Project recommended you! It makes me so happy to see people catalogue dumb video game stuff that speaks to their heart



I can add your image if you can provide a full screen grab? @Tradegood

We have an image of the Great Projects already:


Love your site, always been an interest of mine. I have done volunteer / interfaith work with the peoples of Rapa Nui.


Personal Trainer Walking / Walk With Me! Do you Knowing Your Walking Routine? - Nintendo DS


Woah! Very cool.

Is this yours?

Any chance of a save game (regular DS) or screenshot (modded DS)?


This is mine, I use all real hardware (DS, fit meter, game) and I took a photo using my phone. Use it however you want, no credit needed :slight_smile:
I will see about dumping the save later, I have work to get ready for now though

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Cheers! I will capture some pixel accurate screenshots using the save if possible.

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Here’s a preview of the forthcoming T-shirt


I have the save file here but I can’t attach it to the forums either by itself or in a zip file, do you wanna add me on discord so I can send it to you? I’m Skyevlyn there too

I’ve sent a friend request on Discord

I’m gingerbeardman there

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Got this one yet? Mgs2 Substance VR Missions

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Yes, also the site has search and list of games

I love this kind of thing and wish I had the time to keep my similar projects going and make nice searchable websites for them.

Every time I find one I do a search and find you already have it. I just did an magazine search for easter island which gave me a promising Amstrad game. Turns out I already submitted it in 2019 when I saw a screenshot on twitter!

Are there any regions, eras, genres or platforms you feel might be worth exploring? Or particular websites or search terms you’ve found useful?


There’s a whole section of “unconfirmed” sightings: games we know have Moai but that we haven’t found images of. Definitely some options there.

The WordPress system that powers this site was easy to install. It was more difficult to find a nice theme! I’ve written a plugin or two to make data entry easier, but otherwise it’s pretty standard stuff.

After my initial push the community have submitted the majority of Moai. On rainy days I search Japanese game sites for モアイ which means Moai. I also do occasional searches for the same on internet archive just in case any scans of old mags have been uploaded recently.

Some people mine itch, steam, flash game archives.


Pretty sure this is not on your list. City Bravo on ps1. When building you can uncover ruins that become just a barrier, a few types, one of which is moai-like. I don’t have a save but this player scrolls past one he previously uncovered at 10:55 in this video on left side.

It is blurry cuz its in motion on the left side of the screen. Could go back through prior streams to when it was popped up but I spent enough time scrollin thru already. I knew it existed cuz I’ve dug one up before but I need to charge my psp to see if I have a save with it.

Edit: Ah maybe I was more remembering seeing them in the strategy guide. Here are two scans, as good as I can get them.


Love this! It’s these sort of obscure finds that keep me going. Thank you.

Seems likely the sequel from 2000 might also have them?

City Bravo! Business Hen


Glad to contribute! If I wrangle a save I’ll let you know but hopefully that’s a start.

I actually think the sequel is unlikely to have them as it is far less of a city builder and much closer to a business sim like Capitalism 2. I’ve been playing a bit recently so will of course share if they pop up.


Ah, OK then! Makes sense.

I’m preparing for the push past 1000 at the moment.