monkey games

oo oo ah ah talk about monkey games.

there's a lot of them:

  • - super monkey ball
  • - ape escape
  • - the monkey islands
  • - samba de amigo
  • - spanky's quest
  • - donkey kong series
  • - time splitters
  • - metal gear solid 4
  • - pokémon
  • - animal crossings
  • - some legends of zelda
  • - final fantasy 9
  • - dragon ball games
  • - zack & wiki
  • - mega man legends
  • - skullmonkeys?
  • - monkey puncher!!!
  • all nonhuman simians/"saru" count!

    please don't talk about neuralink, it makes me a sad monkey.

    There are two apes, Blizzard and Chaos, in Primal Rage. They’re the coolest characters in the game, because apes are cooler than dinosaurs.

    Obligatory early mention of the eternally perplexing 「the Saturn is better than the PlayStation because the Sega chimpanzee prefers playing games rather than answering to the basic survival instinct of accepting nutrition hey you know what maybe you can get cocaine in Japan after all if you work in advertising?」 commercial.

    Ape Out - the other ape escape game

    Rampage - also has a lizard and a wolf that are basically apes

    Toki - nasty gobbin‘ brit ape ’gov

    King Kong - the 360s secret killer app

    Enslaved: Odyssey to the West - Andy Serkis is 99% ape

    Rhythm Heaven Fever - excellent golfers, watch inhabitants and tambourinists, plus there's a mandrill

    Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey - is serious about those apes

    Tokyo Jungle - is not so serious

    and finally…

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - will make you fear apes, then you have fight two at once


    @“connrrr”#p72310 monkey puncher!!!

    I was going to mention this one but then I noticed it was in the list! I love how deranged and insane this game is. Y'all should play it if you haven't, it's a Taito made Gameboy game where you train a monkey to fight in organised boxing matches. What else do I need to say.


    Just look at the box art, it's great:

    [upl-image-preview url=]

    Shout outs to George from the arcade classic Rampage, it’s sequels, and hit movie starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

    @“chazumaru”#p72316 lol I had actually never seen these commercials before. “Play Saturn and lose control of your life.”


    @“copySave”#p72317 Enslaved: Odyssey to the West - Andy Serkis is 99% ape

    I keep forgetting about Enslaved!! I've been meaning to play that for the longest time. This year!!!

    @“connrrr”#p72322 Enslaved is real cool. absolute 7/10.

    Mother 3 - Salsa and Samba are adorable, but monkey subjugation makes me sad :frowning:

    @“kory”#p72325 :frowning:

    @“connrrr”#p72338 sorry!! How about bubble monkey to lighten the mood:

    [upl-image-preview url=]

    @“kory”#p72340 :slight_smile:

    it's ok, I was empathizing with you. REMINDER, though (Mother 3 spoilers): >!things work out for Salsa and Samba in the end!<.

    always thought that ( ´H`) was a good mouth shape, as bubble monkey exemplifies.

    @“connrrr”#p72346 “H” is definitely top 5 mouth shapes.

    Incidentally, one of my other favorites is the
    “( + + + )” plus signs as teeth look exemplified by classic monkey boy DK

    [upl-image-preview url=]

    played this'n for hours n days of my childhood

    @“kory”#p72348 that's a great mouth too! very much a classic.

    [upl-image-preview url=]

    OK, I promise I‘m not the Congo’s Caper Guy – I just tried it myself for a few minutes because I love the Data East/Jaleco jamboree that is Nintendo Switch Online, but I think maybe Tatakae Genshijin 2 gets overlooked because it got a dumb American name & bad art in the form of Congo‘s Caper. It’s decently charming, & your lil caveman dude turns into a monkey when you get hit – it‘s like the game’s small Mario form, but a monkey

    [upl-image-preview url=]

    @“tokucowboy”#p72371 I certainly overlooked it until this post! I like the sprite animation of the monkey boy and his super jump feels great to perform. Also he turns into a golden monkey when you collect three red orbs and that's kind of a trope?

    [upl-image-preview url=]


    Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie

    @copySave got it but I thought I would share the official title (of the official game (of the movie))

    @“Moon”#p72421 I thought for sure this game was going to turn out to be British, but nope.

    I'd love to know who painted that cover.