MOTHER-like games, with Twin Peaks Sprinkled on Top

The graphic artist commissioned to make EarthBound's localized box art just found the original prints in storage


oddly very appropriate

No way
Now this is huge
also see replies.
the art style much more resembles Magical Vacation, but also shows the transition from the inconsistent 3D artstyle to what it looked like in 2D before the extremely consistent Mother 2-like style we know today.

I feel like I’m the only one who has pointed out the amount of Brownie Brown which bled into Mother 3 after the switch to GBA. This really shows how much it looked like Magical Vacation and Sword of Mana for a bit.


just for those to whom this is not immediately obvious, iykyk
it is clear to me that at the very least these have the exact same vibe

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i would suggest FRANKEN by Splendidland. its free and on PC. i’d say its closer in vibes than gameplay. great music and very charming characters all round


Splendidland is an old friend who took queues from my own art back in the day, I haven’t played much of their stuff but I’m sure it’s splendid.

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This is super charming. It looks like these guys nailed their tone and visuals, and are taking it in their own direction. Rooting for them.

Demo’s coming soon too


this is so cool! super rare photos released. look, that’s hip tanaka with a SFC controller in his hand! he only worked on two or three super NES games total!

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