Music of the EXTREME flavor (black metal, death metal, grindcore, etc)

I love a lil share time with good friends who like the niche stuff; so I thought I’d post some recs for great heavy music!! Been on a huge grindcore kick for a while now so here’s some fun get-up-and-go!! tunes for you. Highly recommended for a good fast paced run:

This Triac album is under 20 mins and solid from start to finish.

Antichrist Siege Machine might be the scariest two piece band I saw last year. Such a good time.

Vermin Womb = Despair. Another under 20 minute album that’s absolutely horrifying at a break neck speed.

And lastly! Not in the grindcore genre, but waaayyyyy more slow:

Primitive Man is an adjacent band to Vermin Womb. This might be my favorite doom track of the past few years. So gosh darn heavy.

Send me musics! I love this community and would love to see what kinds of extreme music y’all are into!!

I‘ve heard a lot about Triac and really need to give them more of a listen eventually.

Here’s just a few I‘ve been listening to a lot lately:

I can’t find anything on Shapeshifter on youtube except for this live video, but you can find them on Spotify and Apple music, they are excellent.

PS: It sure is hard to find the grind that I want to find on youtube that's not just a whole album.


Thank you for the recs!! I’ll give em all a proper listen. And if that ain’t the truth about grind bands lol. It’s all or nothing. And by nothing I mean 1 second of a song. I’m looking at you, napalm death.


I just started listening to the new Hellripper album and the opening track is pretty fun. There are some quick flashes of light in the video for anyone who that might effect. The video warns that there are some flashing lights in the video but its such a quick warning that I felt it was important to say something about it before anyone could click on the link.](https://)



@“Zack”#p104738 Antichrist Siege Machine, Primitive Man

Big fan of these two bands, saw the opening show of ASM’s Purifying Blade tour in Washington DC. They walked onstage with the titular blade and stabbed it into the amp and went wild. Didn’t even realize they were just a two piece, but love their sound. Reminds me of Of Feather and Bone but more direct. (Somewhat funny note is that I work for a largely Mormon-owned tech company and I sewed an enormous patch that (mostly illegibly) says “ANTICHRIST SIEGE MACHINE” over the logo of my work-provided backpack; maybe a dumb rebellion but also just looks sick.)

Caught Primitive Man at a metal festival in Kentucky a few years back where they followed Khemmis and it created a pretty hilarious shift in the audience as the weirdos pulled forward as others were scared off by the extreeemely loud, heavy despair. Stoked to see them again in a couple weeks here in Seattle with Full of Hell, especially considering their recently announced collaboration. Not many bands come close to that sound

@“soapbox”#p104880 oh damn, thanks to you I checked to see if full of hell and primitive man were playing near me and they are! Don‘t personally care for Fit for an Autopsy or Acacia Strain so I’m glad the bands I want to see are opening.


Yeah I haven’t listened to Fit for an Autopsy or Acacia Strain. Seems worth checking out from some previews of stuff but really going to see those other two.

Sick this helped you realize it’s happening. I saw Full of Hell with Blood Incantation some months back and if I’m being honest I got too hammered and the sets are a headbanging blur. Still had a great time but feel I need to give each band a more sober due. Although FoH play on St. Patrick’s day here so uh…no promises I guess.

Found this band that I think is pretty chill.

Their only online presence seems to be Facebook and MySpace, so no clue what's been going on with them lately.

Been diggin on this today.

Rotten Sound is the blisteringly fast good time I need on days where I need a get up and go. They market themselves as ‘fast music for slow people’ and I resonate with this.

They pinned a comment on this video saying “Have you ever got sucked into YouTube cat videos, Instagram stories, or other dopamine creators? Does it feel like this?”

Really been getting into some Endless Swarm lately.

@“mtvcribs”#p126706 oh that’s HEAVY. Love me some endless swarm.

RIP Sakevi